HESCO Showcases Rapid Deployment Flood-Fighting Solutions

LONDON - HESCO, the world leader in the design and manufacture of rapidly deployable barrier systems, today announced that it has developed a new, rapid deployment barrier technology designed to protect critical roads, buildings and other critical infrastructure from flooding. HESCO will be hosting a live demonstration of this new delivery system in Bangkok, Thailand, at the Ladkrabang Industrial Estate Administrative Building on August 1st.

Based on the same barrier design originally developed by HESCO in 1991, the new rapid deployment features utilize specially-engineered dispersal units to release the barrier quickly to form flood defenses in long continuous segments from a moving deployment vehicle. This allows for multiple flood barriers to be instantly constructed without the need for building frames or digging foundations. It can also quickly be deployed around corners, ascend elevated areas and cross uneven ground easily and without the need for specialized installation and equipment.

"The new rapidly deployable HESCO barriers will enable emergency personnel to quickly protect critical assets and infrastructure from approaching storms, rising flood waters, and other threats to communities, no matter where they are," said Shaun Ellis of HESCO. "They can make a huge difference when time is of the essence."

The new systems can also be deployed from a wide range of vehicles, from standard 4x4 to large flatbed or container trucks. This innovative design enables workers to begin filling large lengths of protective HESCO barrier immediately, reducing installation time that is so critical in emergencies and natural disasters.

According to U.S. Department of State, the 2011 flooding in Thailand caused a loss of $30 billion to the economy, highlighting the need for defense systems around Thailand's critical economic infrastructure. Multiple international corporations were affected, such as Western Digital, losing $199 million in revenue, and Honda, who lost $94 million in inventory and $98 million in damaged property and equipment.

The threat to investments and reputation could be detrimental when international corporations are looking to set up overseas manufacturing sites, and highlights the need to defend factories and other commercial properties during flooding-- a vital objective to mitigate any disruption to operations that can have a long term economic and social impact on the country.


HESCO is a leader in the design and manufacture of rapidly deployable barrier systems. Established in 1991, HESCO has been developing and manufacturing the innovative Concertainer® range of Mil units for the purposes of military protection, critical asset protection and flood protection.

Within the military, Concertainer® units have become the most popular means of protecting personnel and facilities against secondary fragmentation, saving countless lives and mission critical assets. Acknowledged as the most significant development in field fortifications since the Second World War, HESCO Mil units have become a key component and benchmark in force protection throughout the world and have been used by military organizations including the U.S. Army, UK MOD, USMC, USAF, NATO and the UN in every major conflict since the first Gulf war.

The HESCO Concertainer® technology has been applied to a range of security and flood products that provide solutions for critical asset protection. HESCO products provide a reliable and robust solution for the protection of sensitive installations at risk from rapidly rising flood waters; recently deploying solutions to protect sensitive installations such as embassies, consulates, government buildings and critical infrastructure facilities during Hurricane Katrina (2005), Thailand's devastating floods (2011) and the flooding in Plaquemines, Louisiana (2012).

The HESCO Mil unit was originally designed to combat coastal erosion but the versatility and simplicity of this innovation has seen the technology utilized in a variety of applications. From a simple yet innovative idea, HESCO is today a global provider of rapidly deployable protective barriers.

For further information, please visit: www.hesco.com.

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