Hermetic Solutions Group Introduces an Integrated Getter for Hermetic TO Window Caps

Tinton Falls, N.J., Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As electronic components evolve to deliver new features, increased performance and add more functionality, there's also increasing pressure to shrink footprints, leaving space within a hermetic TO package at a premium. To help engineers use that space most efficiently, the Hermetic Solutions Group (HSG) has developed a TO window cap with a getter material integrated into the existing window frame.

These windows feature the Hermetic Solution Group's ink getter material applied to a flexible tab, which is then tack welded inside the window frame. The application process can be completed by HSG or by our customers with our Protec-Tabs that can be positioned anywhere within the cavity of the window cap. The getter material is based on HSG's established HGI and HTI getter series technology (with precious metals added for tailored absorption).

According to Dave DeWire, HSG's VP of Business Development: "This product solution is ideal in Sensor applications where the entire sight line of a TO window cap must remain unobscured. The integration of the moisture and Hydrogen getter into HSG's high quality window caps provides our customers with the assurance of sustained product quality and long term reliability. This unique solution is another great example of how our customers have come to rely on Hermetic Solutions Group for innovative and value added solutions."

Window glass material and frame material combinations include: borosilicate/Kovar F-15; soda lime/stainless steel alloy, sapphire/Kovar F-15 and 8337 borosilicate/Kovar F-15.

View additional information on this product family, our getter series technology, and TO Window Cap Guide.

For additional details, please contact David DeWire at ddewire@hermeticsolutions.com

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Hermetic Solutions Group is the premier global supplier of hermetic packaging, components and services. Comprised of highly respected microelectronic packaging brands - Hi-Rel Group, Litron, PA&E and Sinclair Manufacturing, we offer a single source of supply for hermetic packages, connectors, headers, lids, windows, thermal management materials, vacuum products, preforms and laser solutions. We make our customers lives easier by providing them every solution need to enable and protect their sensitive electronics in harsh environments. And while our customers are at the center of everything we do, we recognize that it is our employees that make is all happen and we are proud of that fact. With over 500 employees located in eight facilities across three countries, we like to say that we are unconventional, thoughtful and always willing to go the extra mile – not only for our customers, but for our employees too. 

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