Here are the Most Commonly Asked Questions about Calibration Gas

Calibration Gas: Argus-Hazco provides the answers to commonly asked questions.

By Becky Schneider, Argus-Hazco

A purchase of calibration gas usually triggers a series of common customer questions. Now you can be the expert in your workplace if you ever get these questions asked by your colleagues!

Q: What is the shelf life of a given calibration gas?

A: For most reactive gases, which are contained in aluminum cylinders, the shelf life is typically 12-18 months. For most non-reactive gases, (usually contained in steel cylinders) the shelf life is normally 36-48 months. The gas with the shortest shelf life is Nitrogen Dioxide (six months). Argus-Hazco labels the expiration dates of our cylinders. Keep in mind that with multiple blends, (like quad blends) we use the gas with the briefest shelf life as the expiration date for the entire cylinder. Something to keep in mind when purchasing calibration gas in quantity.

Q: Can standard cylinders be refilled?

A: No, standard disposable cylinders cannot be refilled. And that’s not a matter of opinion: it’s the law. According to DOT regulations, a standard calibration-gas cylinder should never be refilled. It must be disposed of or recycled.

Q: How do I dispose of a cylinder?

A: Before disposal or recycling, each cylinder must be completely emptied of its contents, and then rendered incapable of refilling. Argus-Hazco offers a cylinder valve disabling tool that removes the valve stem—but only apply this tool if you are knowledgeable. Please call Argus-Hazco to both empty the cylinder and remove the valve stem. Keep in mind that you can send empty cylinders back to Argus-Hazco as non-hazardous freight and we will recycle them for you.

Argus-Hazco offers refillable cylinders for all gas blends, which can be the right choice for customers who require larger volumes or unique blends of gas. Keep in mind that special handling is required due to higher pressures.

Q: How can I get an MSDS?

A:  Argus-Hazco has Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for every blend we sell. We use the MSDS library of Gas Dynamics, the supplier of our primary 1% NIST traceable gas standards.

We also generate a Certificate of Analysis (C of A) for each cylinder. The C of A can also cover a group of cylinders. We can provide both a C of A and an MSDS upon request.

About Becky Schneider: Becky has worked in sales and customer service for Argus-Hazco for 15 years. She currently oversees Argus-Hazco's Fire Service Division.

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