Hemisphere GPS Introduces Affordable Crescent RTK Technology

Calgary, AB - February 12, 2007 - (TSX:CSY) Hemisphere GPS, a designer and manufacturer of advanced GPS products (wholly owned by CSI Wireless Inc.), today introduced centimeter-level accuracy through a Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) application with Hemisphere GPS's Crescent Technology. This achievement by Hemisphere GPS presents an affordable and robust positioning solution for professionals working in precision agriculture, marine navigation, surveying and other applications. Hemisphere GPS's Crescent RTK Technology provides the same accuracy as dual-frequency RTK systems but at a fraction of the cost.

"In response to demand for increased accuracy at a more affordable price, we developed an alternative to subscription networks and high-priced base systems by incorporating high-definition, single-frequency RTK with its Crescent GPS receiver technology," said Steven Koles, President and CEO of Hemisphere GPS. "Crescent RTK Technology further extends the range of applications we serve. The combination of RTK performance and affordability in our Crescent-based products will have a significant market impact on applications that typically relied on much more expensive solutions".

Hemisphere GPS offers the new Crescent RTK Technology in several products including the new Outback BaseLineHD, Outback S2, Crescent MasterLink, Crescent R100 Series Receivers and upcoming Crescent Vector products. Centimeter positioning accuracy benefits many customer segments, including farmers requiring precise automated steering, hydrographic or land-based surveyors, harbor pilots and others.

The RTK application utilizes two GPS receivers, of which one is a local base (stationary) receiver that broadcasts corrections to the other rover (mobile) GPS receiver. The localized corrections are processed in the rover GPS receiver to achieve accuracy and repeatability that is not possible with other differential GPS methods. Multiple rover receivers can operate from a single local base receiver.

Hemisphere GPS's Outback® BaseLineHD for agricultural guidance can provide the same accuracy as dual-frequency RTK at a fraction of the cost. Used in combination with Hemisphere's Outback S2 and Outback eDrive, BaseLineHD provides centimeter-level pass-to-pass accuracy in an affordable hands-free GPS steering system.

Hemisphere GPS's Outback BaseLineHD system is a very cost-effective alternative to dual-frequency systems, as well as subscriptions to base station networks which often cost a producer $1,500 per year or more. With Hemisphere Outback BaseLineHD, you own a fully portable correction network. By having control of your own high-definition RTK network, you can use it on any machine you choose, or move it to any location.

"The best feature, though, is the simplicity," added Mr. Koles. "Using BaseLineHD is as easy as setting the unit up on the tripod and turning it on. In minutes, a producer is ready for RTK performance. With eDrive installation kits designed to fit over 500 vehicle models, customers can realize a quick return on the investment using it throughout the operation."

Dave Mitchell, a grower and BaseLineHD user near Bakersfield, California recently stated, "While preparing my field to plant carrots, I've found that BaseLineHD with eDrive is saving me at least 18 inches of overlap per pass. The cost savings are incredible and the return on investment is easy to see immediately. The high accuracy of BaseLineHD permits me to plow, disc, rip, list, and plant all my crops including carrots, potatoes, black eyed beans, garlic, and wheat. And because of the self contained battery and compact size of the BaseLineHD base station, it's very easy to take with me from field to field, a great feature in this area because our properties are spread out."

For more information about Outback BaseLineHD, go to www.outbackguidance.com

About Hemisphere GPS and CSI Wireless

Hemisphere GPS, a division of CSI Wireless Inc., designs and manufactures innovative, cost-effective GPS products for positioning, guidance and machine control applications in agriculture, marine and other markets. The Company owns leading brand names, numerous patents and other intellectual property. The Company's head office is in Calgary, Alberta, and it has major product development and sales and marketing facilities in Arizona, Kansas and Texas. For more information about Hemisphere GPS and CSI Wireless, go to www.hemispheregps.com and www.csi-wireless.com.

For more information, please contact:
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