Helmet Tracker provides distortion-free, 360° coverage.

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Hy-BIRD(TM) combines optical and inertial data streams for uninterrupted, all-attitude tracking. Optical technology provides 6 degrees-of-freedom tracking of its detector's location 240 times/sec with accuracy better than 1°, ensuring undistorted helmet tracking in fixed, motion-based, and mobile environments. Inertial sensor takes over when optical tracker is not operational, tracking Yaw, Pitch, and Roll angles until optical sensor is working.

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New Helmet Tracker Provides 360° Coverage Without Occlusions or Metal Distortion

Best of Optical and Inertial Technologies Now Work as One

BURLINGTON, VERMONT; April 11, 2005: Ascension Technology announces Hy-BIRD(TM), a new hybrid tracker that fuses both optical and inertial data streams together for all-attitude tracking -- 100% of the time. Even if its primary light emitters are blocked or its field of view exceeded, angular tracking continues uninterrupted.

Hy-BIRD's optical technology provides six degrees-of-freedom tracking of its detector's location 240 times per second with accuracy better than a degree and minimal lag. This enables undistorted helmet tracking in fixed, motion-based and mobile environments.

A MicroStrain inertial sensor (www.microstrain.com) is fully integrated into Hy-BIRD to continue tracking in those instances in which the optical tracker is not operational. Previously, optical trackers skip measurements when their detector loses line-of-sight contact with their light source. Hy-BIRD cures this problem. A robust inertial sensor with embedded microprocessor and on-board digital filtering seamlessly continues tracking of Yaw, Pitch and Roll angles until the optical sensor is again working.

"By adding an inertial sensor with metal and temperature tolerance to our proven laserBIRD tracker, we can now offer fail safe performance -- in even the harshest simulator and tactical vehicle environments, " says Ascension vice president of marketing, Jack Scully. "Users no longer must cope with limited range of motions. We'll keep tracking no matter what happens."

Commenting on the incorporation of its inertial sensor in the new Hy-BIRD tracker, MicroStrain's president, Steven Arms stated, "We're proud that our 3DM-GX1(TM) is selected by Ascension for its advanced hybrid tracker. Our embedded software for temperature compensation, sensor alignment and MEMS sensor fusion enables us to deliver high performance in a small package. It's exciting for us to contribute to new product development with forward-thinking companies like Ascension Technology."

Hy-BIRD is compatible with all laserBIRD trackers now in the field and includes Windows drivers for fast and easy integration with applications software systems.

For more information about Ascension and its magnetic, optical, inertial and hybrid tracking solutions for simulators, military vehicles and tactical aircraft, visit www.ascension-tech.com or email us directly at ascension@ascension-tech.com

Hy-BIRD(TM) is a trademark of Ascension Technology Corp.; 3DM-GX1(TM) is a trademark of MicroStrain, Inc.

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