Helium Charging Solution works with leak detection systems.

Press Release Summary:

As integral part of helium leak detection system, multifunctional ChargeIT® Helium Charging System features touch screen interface for selection and configuration of various functions including proof test, pressure decay, evacuation, and vacuum decay along with charging and mixing, recovery management, and cleaning and back fill. Charging cycle is fully automatic. Global system offers universal pressure units and voltages and multilingual interface capabilities.

Original Press Release:

The Latest in Helium Charging Technology for Helium Leak Detection

Plympton - March 30, 2007 - Nolek Inc is proud to introduce the latest in helium charging technology: ChargeIT® Helium Charging System. As an integral part of a helium leak detection system, the system offers the following benefits to reduce costs:

1. Improved quality control to reduce warranty claims by:
o Controlling the ambient environment to maintain a low helium background
o Proper charging conditions for the part to be tested
o Controlled helium pressure conditions within the part thereby avoiding possible sensitivity fluctuations
2. Reduced helium consumption by:
o Mixing helium with other gases
o Recovery of the tracer gas (when combined with a Nolek Helium Recovery System)

The system is multifunctional with a user friendly touch screen interface that allows for easy selection and configuration of the various functions:

o Proof Test
o Pressure Decay
o Evacuation
o Vacuum Decay
o Helium Charging and Mixing
o Helium Recovery Management
o Cleaning and Back Fill

The ChargeIT® system is the most compact and versatile available on the market. The charging cycle is fully automatic. The system is a global solution with universal pressure units and voltages and multilingual interface capabilities.

For over 25 years Nolek has been developing leak test methods, manufacturing leak test instruments and engineering complete solutions for leak testing in many industries. Our technical excellence and wealth of experience provides our customers with effective solutions to their leak testing requirements.

For more information please reference the ChargeIT® data sheet on our web site or contact:

Norbert Palenstyn
Sales and Marketing Manager
Telephone: 781 585 5606
E-mail: norbert.palenstyn@nolek.com


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