Helios Announces Unbreakable Server Solutions for Windows Server Platform

The leading provider of file, print, imaging, and PDF server solutions for LANs and Internet-based prepress and enterprise networks announces that five HELIOS UB applications now support Microsoft Windows servers

Hannover, Germany September 27, 2006 -- Formerly available only on major UNIX-based platforms, HELIOS Software GmbH announced today that five HELIOS UB Unbreakable Server Solutions for prepress and enterprise networks now run on Microsoft Windows based computers. HELIOS will introduce their products for Windows at the upcoming IfraExpo in Amsterdam, October 9 - 12, and at GRAPH EXPO in Chicago, October 15 - 18.

The HELIOS UB product family includes HELIOS Base UB for Windows, providing advanced print services, and HELIOS WebShare UB for secure web-based file sharing, distribution, and document collaboration. HELIOS ImageServer UB, PDF HandShake UB and PrintPreview UB bring high efficiency and advanced capabilities to office, design, prepress, and printing operations.

Praise for HELIOS UB servers comes from around the world from leading media companies including USA Today, Le Figaro of France, Mirror Group in the UK, Mohn Media in Germany, and many more. For them, HELIOS server solutions are considered the most reliable, secure, and fastest available for enterprise and prepress networks today, offering cross-platform local and Internet file sharing and printing, with PDF, image conversion, color management, and proofing solutions.

"We are glad that our Web, PDF, print, and prepress server solutions now support the Windows Server platform," reports Helmut Tschemernjak, CEO and president of HELIOS. "HELIOS server solutions represent over 15 years of server development, and are finally available as a first-class citizen on the Windows Server platform. Supporting all major server platforms allows customers to choose the server platform which best fits their needs."

Supported Windows Platforms:
o Windows Server 2000
o Windows Server 2003 (32-bit and 64-bit edition)
o Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit edition)

Customers can contact HELIOS to schedule meetings at the IfraExpo and GRAPH EXPO events.

For more information, please visit www.helios.de

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HELIOS UB Unbreakable Server Solutions deliver mission critical server solutions to enterprise, government, university, and prepress sites. WebShare provides extremely secure and high performance remote file management via any Web browser. Base UB for Windows adds advanced print server services to Windows, and HELIOS ImageServer, PDF HandShake and PrintPreview bring high efficiency and advanced capabilities to design, prepress and printing operations.

HELIOS products run on powerful and scalable servers including Apple Computer Mac OS X, Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, and Windows systems. HELIOS products provide reliable cross-platform support for Macintosh, Windows, Web and UNIX-based clients.

Distributors sell HELIOS products worldwide to value-added resellers who provide complete networking solutions to customers. HELIOS also works with many strategic partners that incorporate HELIOS server software to provide powerful third party archive, asset management and workflow solutions.

For U.S. Sales:
European MikroGraf Corp.
E-mail: sales (at) ugraf.com

Editorial contact:
Helmut Tschemernjak
HELIOS Software GmbH
Steinriede 3, D-30827
Garbsen, Germany
Tel +49-5131-709320
Fax +49 5131-709325
E-mail: mktg (at) helios.de
Internet: www.helios.com

Thomas Hallinan
HELIOS Software GmbH
mktg (at) helios.de

Press Contact:
Bill Gram-reefer
Company Name: WORLDVIEW
Email: reefer (at) worldviewpr.com
Phone: 925-323-3169
Website: helios.de

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