Helical In-Line Reducers offer up to 18,587 lb-in. torque.

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Combining LeCentric reducer with choice of Regal electric motors, Pre-assembled LeCentric GEAR+MOTOR™ Units are made of cast iron and are torque-rated from 5,974–18,587 lb-in. with max input of 1/3–40 hp. Units are available with ratios up to 680.03:1, with double and triple reduction designs and efficiencies as high as 97%. Utilizing wide range of removable bases and mounting hardware, reducers offer drop-in replacements for industry-standard configurations.

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Expanded line of LeCentric Helical In-Line Reducers Includes Ratios Up To 18,587 lb-in Torque

Removable bases and flanges allow field configuration for drop-in replacement of industry standard reducers. Pre-assembled LeCentric GEAR+MOTOR™ provides MRO savings.

Union Grove, Wis., – Grove Gear's expanded range of LeCentric helical in-line reducers offers advantages for OEM and MRO applications alike, with quick delivery, high levels of customization, and the cost-effectiveness of pre-assembled GEAR+MOTOR™ units that combine the LeCentric reducer with a choice of Regal electric motors. The four new cast-iron models are torque-rated from 5,974 lb-in to 18,587 lb-in, with a maximum input of 1/3 hp to 40 hp. Units are available with ratios up to 680.03:1, with double and triple reduction designs and efficiencies as high as 97 percent. A wide range of removable bases and mounting hardware makes the new reducers a drop-in replacement for industry-standard configurations.

The new units are designed and rated for applications in general material handling, food and beverage industries, with options available for washdown and harsh environments. Modular design and bolt-on output flanges allow easy field modification to configure the LeCentric for bolt-on replacement of dozens of popular reducers. In addition, modified standard units and proprietary variations are a Grove Gear specialty. The company's broad base of regional warehouses allows delivery typically in less than five days.

All LeCentric reducers feature hardened and ground AGMA Class10 or better gearing for high efficiency and quiet operation. Oversized ball bearings on input and output shafts, optimized bearing spans and high-strength steel shafts provide superior torque transfer and high overhung load capacities. Housings are precision machined to control alignment of bearings and gearing. Premium Viton® seals provide extra protection from contamination or loss of lubricant. LeCentric reducers are factory filled with premium Mobil Glygoyle 460 polyalkalene glycol lubricant.

All units have a permanently marked nameplate with output torque, ratio and maximum input horsepower rating.

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