Height Gage combines ergonomics and functionality.

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Digimatic® Height Gages feature slider-handle control wheel offset from slider-handle body by 10° that provides comfortable hand position for easy operation. Other features include display with 11 mm high characters, large control buttons, and frequently used buttons positioned for easiest access. Offered in models with accuracies from ±.001 to ±.003 in. and repeatability of .0005 in., products allow resolution to be set at .0005 or .0002 in. and provide pre-set function to reduce set-up time.

Original Press Release:

New Mitutoyo Digimatic® Height Gage Sets New Standards for Functionality, Ease of Use

(Aurora, IL) A new line of Digimatic® Height Gages is available from Mitutoyo America Corporation. These gages incorporate ergonomic advancements focused on ease of operation and enhanced functionality.

Ergonomic innovations include a slider-handle control wheel that is offset from the slider-handle body by 10°. The offset provides a more natural, comfortable hand position for easier operation. In addition, the display includes a large character height of 11mm to avoid eye strain. Control buttons are large, with most frequently used buttons positioned for easiest access. The base is even shaped to function as a hand grip.

Besides improved ergonomics, the new Digimatic Height Gages offer outstanding accuracy, from ±.001" (±0.02mm) to ±.003" (±0.07mm) depending on model, with a repeatability of .0005" (0.01mm). Resolution can be set to .0005" (0.01mm) or .0002" (0.005mm). A convenient pre-set function reduces set-up time by enabling two reference planes to be set relative to the surface plate datum plane.

These Digimatic Height Gages also feature the Mitutoyo Absolute® measuring system which eliminates the need to re-set the origin after power-off saving time and improving repeatability. The new height gages can connect to an optional Digimatic handheld digital processor or to a PC via an optional input tool.

The new Digimatic Height Gages are available with either standard Digimatic output or multi-function Digimatic output (which uses a bidirectional touch signal probe capable of measurement in two directions for even faster measurement). All versions of the new height gages employ rugged double-column construction for enhanced stability and smooth, trouble-free operation.

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