Heavy-Duty Nibbler has lightweight, compact design.

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Weighing 18.3 lb, N 700-2 Nibbler employs planetary gear for even power distribution. Equipped with 1,500 W motor and starting current limiter, product nibbles 0.275 in. thick steel and 0.196 in. thick stainless steel. It handles workpieces with bends of up to 90°, double sheets, and welded sections. Operating with minimal vibration, tool features indexable base that can be set for 4 cutting directions and die base that allows machine to cut min radius of 5.3 in.

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New Lightweight N 700-2 Nibbler to be Introduced at FABTECH

FARMINGTON, Conn., June 30, 2004 -- TRUMPF Inc. Power Tools Division will introduce a new lightweight Nibbler, the N 700-2 during the FABTECH 2004 trade show in Cleveland, Ohio. Weighing only 18.3 lbs., the new TRUMPF N 700-2 Nibbler is the lightest of the heavy-duty class. The new planetary gear provides even power distribution with a more compact design. Equipped with a 1500-watt motor and a starting current limiter, this power tool easily nibbles 0.275-inch thick steel and 0.196 inch thick stainless steel.

The N 700-2 can even handle workpieces with bends of up to 90° as well as double sheets and welded sections.

Additionally, the N 700-2 comes with two standard handles that can be quickly exchanged. This allows for comfortable weight distribution when working in horizontal or vertical positions, or in cramped work areas. A rotary motor handle with three positions provides additional clearance.

The N 700-2 is ideal for use in tank and container construction (recycling) as well as in dismantling nuclear power plants. As a result of its optimal profile mobility and easy guidance, the N 700-2 can also be used for a wide range of applications such as coil lines, sheet metal projects, metal structures and elevator construction, commercial vehicle manufacturing and shipbuilding, as well as workshop repairs.

The die base has been optimized with an additional integrated centering ring for easier replacement. The N 700-2 also features an indexable base that can be set for four cutting directions without requiring additional tools.

Subsequent adjustments to the punch and die are unnecessary.

The operator can choose from three different dies depending upon various sheet thickness, strength and grade. For working with structural steel and high-strength sheet metal, the Nibbler's punch can be reground by up to a total of 0.4 inches, which significantly extends its tool life.

The N 700-2's die base allows the machine to cut a minimum radius of 5.3 inches. Also the die itself has been configured to better eject the chip in the downward direction, thus preventing the collection of chips in the die itself.

The N 700-2 operates with almost no vibration. This reduces the impact on the Nibbler and allows the user to work under more manageable conditions.

TRUMPF is one of the world's largest producers of fabricating machinery and a world market leader in lasers used for industrial production technology.

Additional company information is available at: www.us.trumpf.com

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