Heavy-Duty Modular Drawer maximizes work space organization.

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Suited for storage and organization purposes, Rousseau Drawer holds up to 400 lb and is available in 10 drawer heights and 7 side heights. It opens 100%, providing complete access to contents, and can be subdivided with clipped-in partitions and dividers as well as plastic bins, groove trays, and hanging file bars. Additional features include easy-grip handles that are full width and come with integrated lock-in mechanism and drawer lock accessories.

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Rousseau Metal Announces Heavy-Duty Modular Drawer

St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec. January 10, 2005. Rousseau Metal, announces a new sturdy modular drawer for storage and organization. The Rousseau drawer has surpassed its competition in strength, when, loaded to its full capacity, the drawer completed three times more cycles than the four major competing brands used in the same test, showing no signs of wear when completed (tested by an independent laboratory).

The Rousseau Drawer features a 400 lb capacity each, and can be opened a myriad of times without showing signs of slowing down. The drawers are available in 10 drawer heights and 7 side heights. The drawers open a full 100% giving you complete access to the contents in your drawer. Each Rousseau drawer can be subdivided with the drawer accessories available such as; partitions and dividers, plastic bins, groove trays, foam for tools and hanging file bars. The partitions and dividers are clipped in. All accessories are compatible with each other. The drawer is compatible with Rousseau cabinets and can be installed in over 35 brands of shelving available on the market.

Additional drawer features include the comfortable, easy-grip handles that are full width and come with accessories such as: the Integrated Lock-In Mechanism, Drawer Lock, etc., to improve safety.

Rousseau offers the most durable modular drawer available. The variety of accessories offered allow for various storage needs to be met, all the while maximizing the organization of your work space.


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