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Heavy-Duty Marine Diesel Engine complies with Tier 3 emissions.

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May 27, 2011 - Available with outputs from 400-600 hp, D13 MH in-line 6, 13 L diesel engine is offered with EVC or MCC approved onboard electronic control alternatives. Max torque is reached at 800-900 rpm, which facilitates maneuvering and aids towing at low speeds, using power take-off, and performing crash stop. Mid-position, twin-entry turbo with waste gate, offering pulse charging with high charge air pressure directly from low rpm, is combined with Miller inlet valve timing for optimal performance.

Volvo Penta Marine Products - Lexington, TN

Original Press Release

Volvo Penta Launches Ultra-Modern Heavy-Duty Marine Diesel Engine

Press release date: May 24, 2011

The new Volvo Penta D13 MH for medium- and heavy-duty marine commercial applications is a powerful and fuel-efficient Tier 3 engine. This 13-liter diesel engine combines the best of two worlds: the exceptional durability, low fuel consumption and minimal emissions that come from its automotive background and the high torque and power brought by the thorough marinization. D13 MH is available in five models with outputs from 400 to 600 hp.

"The focus when developing the D13 MH was to offer a Tier 3-compliant marine diesel engine that also had lower fuel consumption, more power-to-volume and even higher durability than the current D12," says Gerard Törneman at Volvo Penta. "Not an easy task considering the D12 is one of the most successful Volvo Penta engines ever."

Well suited for its duty High torque at low rpm is a Volvo Penta hallmark and the D13 excels here. Maximum torque is reached already at around 800-900 rpm. This facilitates maneuvering, but is equally important when towing at low speed, using the power take-off, performing a crash stop and more.

Miller timing and twin-entry turbo The D13 MH has very low levels of NOx emissions and no visible smoke, regardless of load. All D13 MH models comply with the IMO Tier3 emission regulations. The low emissions are combined with high power and low fuel consumption, much thanks to the advanced and efficient charge air system. The D13 MH has a mid-position, twin-entry turbo with waste gate. This turbo offers pulse charging with high charge air pressure directly from low rpm. To fully utilize this efficient turbo, it is combined with Miller inlet valve timing. Here, the inlet valve closes earlier, reducing engine temperature and mechanical stress, which allows for higher boost pressure. Equally important for durability is the cooling system. D13 MH features a plate heat exchanger - a proven and reliable technology.

Low fuel consumption EMS 2, the engine control system developed by Volvo, regulates fuel injection and monitors engine conditions. The system controls the unit injectors, one per cylinder, which operate at a pressure of as much as 2000 bar and atomize the fuel for optimum combustion. The result of this efficient combustion is around 4% lower max power fuel consumption for the D13 MH than the previous model. For an operator running round the clock, this is an important saving. Noise levels are also low, to the benefit of crew and passengers. At operational speed, the reduction is significant compared to the existing model.

High quality The D13 MH has the same robust basic architecture as the engine platform for Volvo D9, D11, and D16 in-line 6 diesel. The platform features a rigid block design, wet liners, rear-end transmission, ladder frame and a single cylinder head with overhead camshaft operating 4 valves per cylinder and the injectors. This contributes to smooth running, high reliability and long-term durability. The D13 MH is manufactured by the Volvo Group, the world's largest manufacturer of heavy-duty diesel engines for commercial use.

Classified onboard electronics D13 MH is available with two type-approved onboard electronic control alternatives: EVC or MCC. EVC is Volvo Penta's own electronic platform with integrated controls and features such as low speed and cruise control. MCC is the option for the operator who needs a system fully classified for all Solas and society demands, including ocean-going.

Easy service and maintenance The D13 MH features a self-diagnostic function, which indicates at the helm if a failure should occur. The engine has a compact and clean design, with all fluid filters plus seawater pump positioned at the port rear end, which makes it easy to service and maintain. The 500-hour service interval makes for good uptime.

Fully classed, fully emission approved The engine is fully classifiable to meet the demands of all major classification societies. The engine meets the latest EU IWW, CCNR, IMO and EPA emission legislation requirements.

The engines and the control system are type-approved by LR, DNV, GL, IRS, RS and CCS.

Technical Data: D13 MH No. of cylinders and configuration: in-line 6 Method of operation: 4-stroke, direct-injected, turbocharged diesel engine with charge air cooler Bore/stroke, mm (in.): 131/158 (5.16/6.22) Displacement, l (in3): 12.78 (779.7) Compression ratio: 18.1:1 Dry weight bobtail, kg (lb): 1450 kg

Power options Rating 1 (Heavy Duty): kW/hp: 294/400, 331/450, 368/500 Rating 2 (Medium Duty): kW/hp: 404/550, 441/600

For further information, please contact Gerard Törneman, AB Volvo Penta, phone: +46 31 3225090. E-mail: