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Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag Filler works with difficult materials.

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Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag Filler works with difficult materials.

Jun 26, 2014 - Used to palletize and fill bulk bags with difficult-to-handle materials, Ultra-Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag Filling System integrates Swing-Down® bulk bag filler with Flexicon pallet dispenser and powered chain conveyor. Design enables safe filling of bulk bags, including those with wide-diameter spouts for passage of irregular materials. Along with filling cycle initiated by pushbutton or contact closure, features include pallet dispenser forks, photoelectric eyes, and inflatable spout seal.

Flexicon Corporation - Bethlehem, PA

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Ultra-Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag Filling System

Press release date: Jun 23, 2014

BETHLEHEM, PA—A new Ultra-Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag Filling System palletizes and fills bulk bags with filter cake, aggregates, metal powders, abrasive minerals, dry chemical additives and other difficult-to-handle bulk materials.

The system integrates a Swing-Down® Bulk Bag Filler with a Flexicon Pallet Dispenser and Powered Chain Conveyor, allowing safe, high-capacity filling of bulk bags of all popular sizes, including bags with wide-diameter spouts for passage of irregular materials.

When a filling cycle is initiated by push button or contact closure, pallet dispenser forks lower the stack of pallets onto the chain conveyor, withdraw from the bottom pallet, and raise the remaining pallets, allowing the conveyor equipped with photoelectric eyes to move the dispensed pallet into position below the filling station.

The bag connection frame of the Swing-Down fill head lowers and then pivots to a vertical position, allowing an operator at floor level to safely and quickly attach bag straps to automated latches, slide the bag spout over a wide-diameter inflatable spout seal, and press a spout seal inflation button.

The system then automatically pivots the bag connection frame back to horizontal, raises the entire fill head, inflates the bag to remove creases, fills the bag at a high rate, finishes filling accurately at dribble feed rate, deflates the spout seal, releases the bag loops, raises the fill head to disengage the spout, rolls the bag out of the filling area, and rolls a new pallet into place to begin another cycle.

An annular gap inside of the fill head spout directs air displaced during the filling operation to a single vent for applications requiring connection to a dust collector.

The system is offered with the company's own steel-tube flexible screw conveyor integrated with the user's upstream process equipment or other material source.

The company also manufactures bulk bag unloaders, bulk bag conditioners, bag dump stations, drum/box/container dumpers, tubular cable conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, weigh batching and blending systems, and other bulk handling machinery.

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