Heavy-Duty Bandsaw Cuts Tough Metals of Large Cross Section

German sawing machine manufacturer, KASTO, having installed more than 1,000 high performance, horizontal bandsaws worldwide in its KASTOtec series, has added a new model at the top end of the size range. Availability in the UK is through subsidiary company, KASTO Ltd, Milton Keynes.

Called KASTOtec A 8 x 10, the automatic, metal cutting bandsaw is ideal for multi-shift operation in factories and distribution centres. It has a cutting range of 830 x 1,100 mm and can process round materials up to 830 mm diameter.

The rigid, heavy duty design makes it suitable for use with tungsten carbide tipped saw blades, but bi-metal blades may also be used. The hydraulically actuated machine makes accurate, repeatable cuts in all types and qualities of material, including tool steels, titanium, and high nickel alloys such as Inconel and Hastelloy.

Design and build of the saw are similar to those of top-end machine tools, evidenced by the FEM-based construction and use of precision ballscrews and linear roller guideways. The steel / mineral cast composite construction is six to eight times more vibration-absorbing than cast iron.

The drive train from the 11 kW main motor delivers almost all of the available power directly to the drive wheels, providing cutting speeds from 12 to 120 m/min. High precision blade infeed and guidance, together with feedback of cutting force, blade speed and position, provide consistent feed per tooth.

The machine control automatically slows the band speed and feed rate during entry and when exiting a cut to prolong blade life, while non-contact deflection monitoring can detect if the band is wandering outside preset limits. Retraction of the stock and blade on completion of a cut avoids marking the face of the material or cut piece and eliminates the risk of damaging the blade teeth.

A KPC (KASTO Performance Cutting) package is available to upgrade this already highly capable machine, increasing cutting performance by at least 30 per cent without sacrificing blade life. The focus is on minimising vibration during saw operation, which has the three-fold benefit of raising accuracy, reducing noise and increasing band speed and feed rate.

A key step is the provision of two spring-loaded tensioner guides (Trum guides) inside the guarding on the return side of the blade at either end of the machine. They have the effect of suppressing vibration on the side opposite to the cutting action.

Another KPC improvement is optimisation of the carbide blade guides either side of the point of cutting. Measures include more rigid guidance, more efficient cooling of the blade and guides, which now have coolant slots through the middle, and responsive measurement of the cutting force using a sensor at the back of the blade.

Other features of KPC include height adjustment of the saw blade by laser light, minimum rpm control, and side guides plus a roller back guide to reduce friction and extend blade life at elevated band speeds. Twin chip brushes and direct coolant flow improve the cleanliness of the blade and teeth, and a fast swarf conveyor evacuates large volumes of chips effectively.


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Ernst Wagner

Managing Director

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