Heavy-Duty Air Compressor is diesel-powered.

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Measuring 38 x 24, x 45 in., KS3030 Diesel Air Compressor combines 12 hp, 2-cylinder, water-cooled Kubota Z482 engine and powder-coated Schulz compressor mounted on top of 30 gal, ASME-code air receiver. It does not require separate fuel supply from diesel-powered service vehicles; it runs on same fuel system and produces air flow volume of 30 cfm @ 175 psi (35 cfm @ 100 psi). With no electronic components, product is suited for use in outdoor conditions.

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New Diesel Air Compressor Pumps up the Power

Next Generation Power, a leading manufacturer of ultra-compact generators for marine, RV and industrial applications, now offers a heavy-duty Diesel Air Compressor. Originally only custom-built, the innovative compressor created such high demand that Next Gen now has developed a standard line.

No longer do diesel-powered service vehicles need to have a separate fuel supply for gasoline compressors. Able to run on the same fuel system, Next Gen's KS3030 Diesel Air Compressor produces an air flow volume of 30 cfm at 175 psi and 35 cfm at 100 psi. It can continuously run a 1" impact gun or wrench.

The durable, 2-cylinder Kubota Z482 engine provides a high-performance, 12 hp powerplant. The state-of-the-art Kubota is water-cooled, unlike most conventional, air-cooled units available. Self-sufficient, the reliable engine has its own fuel pump and alternator to charge a battery used for starting. It can also simply be attached to the vehicle's battery.

KS3030 owners get all the other benefits of having a diesel engine, including better fuel economy, longer service life and lower maintenance. Ideal for use in outdoor conditions, it has no electronic components.

Incredibly powerful, the powder coated Schulz air compressor features all CNC-machined parts, Swedish steel valves and deep cylinder fins for rapid heat dissipation. It runs at very low rpm and has a counter-balanced crankshaft, cast iron pump and oversized main bearings. Next Gen can also build units using different compressor manufacturers.

The high-quality Kubota engine and Schulz compressor are mounted on top of a 30 gallon, ASME-code, air receiver. Measuring just 38" L x 45" H x 24" W, the compact KS3030 Diesel Air Compressor can fit in the bed of any standard pickup truck. An optional remote mounted start/stop panel is available.

The Next Gen KS3030 Diesel Air Compressor has a special introductory price of just $5,995.

Contact Next Generation Power, 1732 St. Johns Bluff Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32246. 888-463-9879; Fax: 904-642-8175. ngpowersales@bellsouth.net; www.nextgenerationpower.com.

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