Heaters Now Standard in All IDT Overprinters

Fort Worth, TX - ID Technology, a division of Pro Mach and a leading provider of labeling, coding and marking solutions, has announced that printhead heaters are now standard on all thermal transfer overprinters. Using printhead heat improves print quality in cold ambient environments and assists with ink adhesion on difficult substrates. By reducing the required contrast setting, this heater also extends printhead life. ID Technology is the exclusive U.S. distributor for the Electronic Printing Development (EPD) line of Thermal Transfer Overprinters.

Ideal for printing onto PD, PP, paper and Tyvek®, thermal transfer overprinting results in a sharp, clear image without compromising production speed. The Communicator can print from speeds of 50mm per second to 1400mm per second. The overprinter maintains high quality during extreme accelerations and decelerations - operating with unprecedented precision while following the packaging machine's speed. This allows the Communicator to be integrated into both intermittent and continuous speed packaging lines.

ID Technology, a division of Pro Mach, is a manufacturer and integrator of labeling, coding and marking systems, as well as, peripheral equipment, supplies and service. For more information or to locate the one of the ID Technology nationwide sales and service centers, call 888.438.3242 or visit our website at www.idtechnology.com

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