Heat Treating Power Console features 6-zone design.

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Designed with no traditional contactors or transformers, 6-Zone Heat Treating Intelligent Power Console features program-controlled technology and constant current operation that maintains ampere output, regardless of 1, 2, or 3 heaters. Unit includes short circuit, over-voltage, and under-voltage protection, and will not allow cables or heater tails to arc out. To streamline paperwork, console is available with digital recording option as well as 12- or 24-point recorder strip chart.

Original Press Release:

GCC Leads in Heat Treating Technology with 6-Zone Intelligent Consoles

Gulf Coast Combustion is proud to announce a new addition to our equipment lineup for all Electrical Resistance Services. The machines use a new state-of-the-art (6) Zone Heat Treating Intelligent Power Console.

Manufactured by Revolution Heat Treating Supplies, the consoles introduce program-controlled technology. The Revolution console operates like standard power consoles, then takes it to the next level.

No Contactors/Transformers: The new consoles have no traditional contactors or transformers. One advantage of this is that the new intelligent consoles are 25% of the weight of traditional consoles, allowing for easier all-around operation when on-site. Historically, the most frequent outages on the older, traditional consoles are a controller contactor going out. There is no chance of outages related to the contactor with the new consoles.

Safety Features: The intelligent control has constant current output that maintains ampere output, regardless of 1, 2, or 3 heaters (Flexible Ceramic Pads) being used. It has multiple safety features such as short circuit protection, over-voltage and under-voltage protection, and will not allow cables or heater tails to arc out. What is an arc out? When power sent through the triple cable set finds an un-insulated piece of cable to ground out, it can produce a flash, spark, or “welding arc”. These “arcs” have the capacity to damage even the strongest materials by the arc blasting craters in the wall of the material. 800 HT (pictured to right) is one of the most dense and strongest alloys used in refinery service and shows the resulting damage an “arc out” will do.

Other Features: The Revolution Console has more segments and controller capabilities, resulting in less possibility of human errors. It also has wireless control systems, less mechanical parts and less weight than the standard consoles. Clients will also benefit from the option of streamlining the paperwork package with a digital recording available on only these machines, along with the standard 12 or 24-point recorder strip chart on paper.

New equipment like this sets Gulf Coast Combustion Services apart from standard heat treating companies and puts us on the forefront of technology in the heat treatment industry. Give us a call today at 713-425-3773 to discuss your future heat treating projects.

This machine is manufactured by Revolution Heat Treating Supplies. (RHTS) operates in Houston, TX.


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