Heat Treating, Degreasing, Welding, Finishing, Forming, Cut Off, and Other Secondary Operations

Weiss-Aug's Heat Treating services include; controlled inert gas processes, thermal profiles up to 1200°F (650°C), documented profile charts available with product shipments if requested and many other annealing and hardened process capabilities available.

Our finishing services include; high speed mass finishing process capabilities, low speed finishing processing and various media types in house available for de-burring and controlled finishing requirements.

Weiss-Aug also has degreasing services which are; durr loose part batch hydro carbon vacuum closed loop system, Alkaline aqueous in-line cleaning process capabilities and ultrasonic or spray impingement wash processing available.

All processes meet local and federal requirements as well as providing a safe environment for internal team members. We will provide Rohs / Reach domestic and international material and environmental information where required.

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