Heat Sinks cool DC/DC converters in low-airflow conditions.

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Low-profile powerICE(TM) heat sinks optimize thermal management of PCB-mounted power modules in spatially-constrained applications with bypassed and unducted flow conditions. Measuring 58 x 61 x 4-7 mm, products have aluminum fins and base and exhibit thermal resistance down to 1.23°C/W with air velocity of 600 fpm. They are provided with double-sided, thermally conductive adhesive tape for assembly without fasteners.

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Heat Sinks Cool DC-DC Converters in Low Airflow Conditions

Norwood, MA, March 8, 2005 - Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has introduced a line of low profile, high performance heat sinks designed to optimize the thermal management of PCB-mounted power modules in spatially-constrained applications where airflow is limited. The new powerICE(TM) heat sinks allow circuit designers to achieve higher PCB performance levels than available from conventional over-sized heat sinks. Compact powerICE(TM) heat sinks are ideal for bypassed and unducted flow conditions because their smaller size 58 x 61 mm (L x W) increases space to improve airflow. Their lighter weight aluminum fins and base reduce costs by eliminating supplemental mechanical mounting clips.

All powerICE(TM) heat sinks feature a patented design that outperforms conventional heat sinks in comparable applications. They eliminate excessive resistance to heat spreading that is common with over-sized heat sinks. Thermal resistance is as low as 1.23°C/W with air velocity of 600 ft/min.

powerICE(TM) heat sinks are designed in low profile sizes from 4 to 7 mm (H). Weight range of the sinks is 4 to 30 grams. They are provided with a high strength double-sided thermally conductive adhesive tape for quick assembly without fasteners.

Pricing for powerICE(TM) heat sinks starts as low as under $5.00 for some models at high quantities. More information on powerICE(TM) sinks can be found on the Advanced Thermal Solutions website, www.qats.com, or by calling 781-769-2800.

Advanced Thermal Solutions is a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying complete thermal and mechanical packaging solutions from analysis and testing to final production. ATS provides a wide range of heat sinks and laboratory-quality thermal instrumentation, along with thermal design consulting services and training.

For technical information, please contact:

Phil Benos
Regional Sales Manager
Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.
89-27 Access Road
Norwood, MA 02062 USA
Tel: 781-769-2800
E-mail: pbenos@qats.com

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