Heat-Shrink Tubing Printer handles wide tubing materials.

Press Release Summary:

Using 11 LABELShop heat-shrink tube sizes and colors, including ½ in. size, plus all 58 colors and sizes of polyester LABELShop labeling types, K-Sun LABELShop BEE3+ Terminator can label, barcode, and heat-shrink tube to identify wires, cables, terminals, tools, face plates, parts, instruments, and equipment. Unit has 6 bar code formats and more than 1,000 special symbols including ANSI, safety, electrical, transportation, vehicle, hospital, and bio-hazard.

Original Press Release:

New K-Sun LABELShop BEE3+ 'Terminator' Printer Has Wider Heat-Shrink Tube Capabilities

SOMERSET, WI-The newest printer in the K-Sun LABELShop® line-the new BEE3®+ "Terminator"-is specifically designed for wider heat-shrink tube materials than K-Sun's original BEE3®.

The K-Sun LABELShop BEE3+ "Terminator" now uses all 11 LABELShop heat-shrink tube sizes and colors, including a wider format 1/2" size, plus all 58 colors and sizes of durable, polyester LABELShop labeling tapes.

Like the original BEE3-a portable, 3-in-1 heat-shrink tube, bar code and label thermal transfer printer-the BEE3+ printer can be used to label, bar code and heat-shrink tube identify thousands of wires, cables, terminals, tools, face plates, panels, parts, instruments and equipment that is used in industries ranging from electrical, laboratory and manufacturing to data, telecom and computing.

The BEE3+ Kit comes with the BEE3+ thermal transfer printer with rubber edge guard, choice of DC auto or AC adapter, (1) 1/2" black-on-white heat-shrink tube cartridge, (1) 1/2" black-on-white tape cartridge, wrist strap and (6) AA batteries plus sturdy carrying case for a SRP of $249.

The K-Sun LABELShop® BEE3+ has the same hard-working, three-year unconditional warranty as the original BEE3 and is the best in the industry. It has six bar code formats and more than 1,000 special symbols including ASNI, safety, electrical, video, transportation, vehicle, work, shop, construction, hospital, bio-hazard and more.
Both tape and tube cartridges offer more material per cartridge at less cost than comparables, providing a greater savings, value and convenience to end users. An auto or manual cutter speeds printing and reduces wasted tape. The front-loading, transparent cartridge area makes operation and supply identification quick and easy.

The BEE3+ LSAD adapter meets requirements for the California Energy Commission's Minimum Efficiency and No-Load Energy Reduction Standards, meaning it draws minimal power and meets or exceeds the new standards when plugged in and the printer is turned off. The printer is composed of non-PVC parts and meets the RoHS Directive, a law enacted in the European Union that bans use of certain hazardous substances.

Founded in 1978, K-Sun Corporation is a unique source for custom labeling, marking, signage and industrial identification solutions and has numerous exclusive electronic labeling machines, software and supplies. For more product information, contact Linda Law at K-Sun, 800.622.6312, ext. 214 or visit www.ksun.com or email info@ksun.com.

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