Heat Shrink Tubing is offered in four styles.

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Able to conform to irregular shapes, Penn-Shrink Clear thin-wall, flexible polyolefin tubing provides mechanical, thermal, solvent, and fluid resistance. Penn-Shrink Black Thin-Wall flame retardant, flexible, low shrink-temperature polyolefin tubing meets UL 224 VW-1 and CSA VW-1 (OFT) requirements. Penn-Shrink Heavy-Wall with Adhesive polyolefin heavy-wall heat shrinkable tubing is chemical, corrosion, impact, and abrasion resistant. Made from thermally stabilized modified polyolefin, Penn-Shrink End Caps with Adhesive resist moisture, fungus, and weathering.

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Penn-Union Corp. Introduces New Penn-Shrink Heat-Shrink Tubing

Edinboro, PA - PENN-UNION CORP., a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of electrical connectors, compression tools and related accessories for the contractor, industrial, utility and OEM markets, introduces new PENN-SHRINK HEAT-SHRINK TUBING.

PENN-SHRINK products are available in four styles: Penn-Shrink Clear (PSC), Penn-Shrink Black Thin-Wall (PSBT), Penn-Shrink Black Heavy-Wall with Adhesive (PSHA) and Penn-Shrink End Caps with Adhesive (PSEC).

The Penn-Shrink Clear (Type PSC) is a thin-wall, flexible, general-purpose polyolefin tubing. It is designed to provide superior mechanical, thermal, solvent and fluid resistance in demanding environments. Its flexibility makes it easily conform to a variety of irregular shapes. It is widely used to provide insulation and strain relief of wire terminations and connections. The clear property allows for easy visual inspection. It is widely used for jacketing wire bundles and light-duty harnesses where superior abrasion resistance is required. PSC meets military specification SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/5, Class 2, VG 95343 Pt5 Type 8.

The Penn-Shrink Black Thin-Wall (Type PSBT) is a highly flame retardant, very flexible, low shrink-temperature polyolefin tubing designed to meet the stringent requirements of UL 224 VW-1 and CSA VW-1 (OFT). It is a cost effective choice for commercial and military applications and is rated for 600V, 125 degree C applications. It electrically insulates and protects in-line components, disconnect terminals and splices. It can also securely bundle wires for very flexible light-duty applications. Its low shrink temperature reduces installation time and the risk of damage to temperature sensitive components.

The Penn-Shrink Heavy-Wall with Adhesive (Type PSHA) is a polyolefin heavy-wall heat shrinkable tubing. It is chemical and corrosion resistant, has very high impact and abrasion resistance, and is rated for 1000V, 75 degree C applications. On heating, PSHA tubing recovers to a smaller diameter, fitting tightly over a wide range of cable sizes and accessories because of its high shrink ratio. At the same time the tubing's inner adhesive wall gives dependable moisture seal over the most irregular shapes. UL 486D approved, it is suitable for direct burial and may be used for jacket repair on cables to 35kV.

The Penn-Shrink End Caps with Adhesive (Type PSEC) are made from thermally stabilized modified polyolefin, which makes them highly resistant to moisture, fungus and weathering. End caps are coated with sealant for underwater or underground applications. The one-piece molded construction ensures an easy installation for a reliable seal. End caps may be used to cover lead, steel, aluminum, copper, polyethylene, polyolefin, ERP and PVC jacketing materials. Penn-Shrink End Caps are rated for 1000V, 75 degree C applications and each energized conductor requires a separate end cap. PSEC meets MIL-I-81765/1/A specification.

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