Heat Recovery System is offered with savings estimator.

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Intended for commercial use, Enviro-Temp recycles waste heat to generate hot water from air conditioner or refrigeration system. It is available with Savings Calculator application, which lets users input operational information - hot water usage details, types of refrigerant, average run time, length of cooling season, fuels currently used to heat water, fuel cost, and installation cost - to generate report that calculates use and savings as well as Return on Investment.

Original Press Release:

ENVIRO-TEMP Savings Calculator Proves Essential When Estimating Savings

Turbotec Products, Inc. a world leader in high performance heat exchangers, announces the development of the Enviro-Temp Savings Calculator. Enviro-Temp is a commercial Heat Recovery system which recycles waste heat to generate hot water from the air conditioner or refrigeration system. The Savings Calculator is a sophisticated application capable of precise calculations with the capability for the user to input
o hot water usage, including gallons per day, entering water temperature, and the hot water set point,
o Various types of refrigerant, including R410a
o Average run time
o Length of the cooling season
o Various fuels currently used to heat water
o Fuel cost
o Installation cost

This information generates a report which not only calculates your use and savings, it also calculates your Return on Investment (ROI).

"This is a powerful tool, essential in determining how Enviro-Temp can provide the solutions one is looking for" said Tom Allen, Outside Sales Manager overseeing Heat Recovery, "It is an attractive and informative feature that complements our Enviro-Pak Savings Calculator".

The Enviro-Temp Savings Calculator is available at the company website, where the application can be easily loaded to one's desktop for immediate use.

Turbotec, a world leader in enhanced heat transfer technology, manufactures a diverse range of high performance heat exchangers for virtually any space conditioning or refrigeration application in the biomedical, geothermal, water heating and heat pump markets. Turbotec tubing offers dramatic increases in heat transfer efficiency- providing up to 4 times the efficiency of smooth tubing and can be shaped into virtually any space saving configuration.

For additional information, contact Turbotec at (860) 731-4212, (800 394-1633 outside of Conn.) or visit us on the web at www.turbotecproducts.com.

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