Heat-Reactive Transfer Adhesives bond and protect.

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Effective on various substrates, Thermofilm® H192U and H193U are nitrile phenolic thermosetting transfer adhesives formulated for general-purpose bonding that also form protective barriers against corrosion. Bonding temperature allows products to be used on temperature-sensitive substrates and sensitive electronic devices. Once cured, offer resistance to solvents, plasticizers, and elevated temperatures. Thermofilm H192U/H193U feature 5.25 and 8 mils of adhesive, respectively.

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Heat Reactive Transfer Adhesive Bonds and Protects

Reduces Corrosion, Lengthens Useful Life of Electronics and Other Assemblies

Windsor, Connecticut - March 18, 2008.... For general purpose bonding and electronic product assembly, Scapa North America offers Thermofilm® H192U and H193U, two nitrile phenolic thermosetting transfer adhesives designed to bond and form protective barriers against corrosion. These products deliver high bond strength on a range of substrates including plastics, metals, composites, ceramics, wood, paper and woven materials.

Thermofilm® H192U and H193U activate and cure with exposure to heat and pressure, and are formulated for many applications, including splicing fiberglass cloth and other woven fabrics, bonding plastic parts, and laminating to PVC and other plasticized materials. Once cured, Thermofilm® H192U and H193U offer excellent resistance to solvents, plasticizers and elevated temperatures. These adhesives also have a relatively low bonding temperature that allows them to be used on temperature sensitive substrates and sensitive electronic devices such as PDAs, cell phones, pagers, and memory cards.

Thermofilm® H192U offers 5.25 mils of adhesive, while Thermofilm® H193U offers 8 mils. Both products are supplied on a 3.5 mil kraft release liner. Their high adhesive mass provides good gap filling properties and aids in bonding to irregular surfaces.

For additional information, contact Scapa Applications Support at (800) 653-5316, or access the Scapa North America Web site at www.scapana.com. Scapa North America develops innovative specialty adhesive films, tapes and compounds for a range of markets. Major markets include aerospace, automotive, cable, construction, electronics, industrial assembly, medical, pipeline, printing and graphics and sports and entertainment.

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