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Heat Pump suits northern climates.

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Mar 23, 2004 - Cold Climate Heat Pump(TM) provides continuous heating down to and below 0°. It uses multiple stages of heating through Bristol® TS Compressor, booster compressor, and economizer. These components, along with Johnson Metasys Control, respond to indoor and outdoor air conditions for both heating and cooling seasons. Coefficient of performance is 2.7 at 17°F and 2.0 at 0°F. Available in 2.5, 3.5, 4.0, and 5.0 ton models, pump uses EPA-approved R-410A refrigerant.

EnerKon Corporation - Freeport, ME

Original Press Release

Innovative Heating Technology for Cold Climates

Press release date: Mar 01, 2004

Freeport, ME, March, 2004-Todays air source heat pumps are clean, highly efficient heating and cooling systems. They're typically viewed as impractical heating methods for northern climates because they rapidly lose their efficiencies when temperatures fall below 20°F. Nyle Heat Pumps in Bangor, Maine have found a solution; they've developed a patented heating breakthrough exclusively for northern climates; the Cold Climate Heat Pump(TM) (CCHP).

While conventional air-to-air heat pumps turn to other forms of heating at cooler temperatures, the CCHP provides continuous high efficiency heating that is comparable in performance to geothermal heat pump systems down to and below 0°. Tests have shown a coefficient of performance of 2.7 at 17°F and a coefficient of performance of 2.0 at 0°F while maintaining high BTU outputs, making the CCHP the most efficient air source heat pump ever made. The CCHP also provides a seasonal energy efficiency rating for cooling at a very respectable rating of 16.

The CCHP uses multiple stages of heating through the use of a Bristol® TS Compressor, a booster compressor and economizer. These components along with a Johnson Metasys Control respond efficiently to indoor and outdoor air conditions to optimize performance for both heating and cooling seasons. It is also equipped to handle dual fuel and load control programs from electric utilities and coops.

The CCHP's use R-410A refrigerant, the EPA approved refrigerant that is both more efficient and safer for the environment than older conventional refrigerants like R-22 and R-12.

The cost of the unit itself will be similar to geothermal units but will not require the ground loops, trenching or well drilling. The installation is similar to a conventional air source heat pump. This will make clean, highly efficient heating affordable to ordinary homes and businesses.

All Nyle products are manufactured in the United States. Nyle Heat Pumps strives to maintain the use of American-made quality component parts in unit production. The CCHP is available in 2.5, 3.5, 4.0 and 5.0 ton units. To learn more about the CCHP and to find a local distributor visit