Heat Exchangers and Chillers have non-ferrous water circuits.

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CLIMET-HE(TM) regenerative turbine-pump and CLIMET-HE-200 brazed-plate heat exchangers operate from 380-460 and 200-240 Vac, respectively. Thermal capacity of 44kW handles all plasma guns. CLIMET-RC(TM) Refrigerated Chiller works in tandem with CLIMET-HE, supplying chilled water to cool heat exchanger at up to 98 l/min and at temperatures as low as 7°C. CLIMET-RC-HV(TM), rated at 16.4 kW, has hermetically sealed Maneurop compressor and stainless steel pump and impeller.

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Sulzer Metco Announces New Thermal Spray Heat Exchanger/Chiller Family

May 1, 2002 (Westbury, NY) - Capping years of engineering development and innovative research, Sulzer Metco announces the introduction of a new family of high-capacity universal thermal spray heat exchangers and chillers. Designed for use with all Sulzer Metco plasma spray and Hybrid Diamond Jet® HVOF products, the family includes the CLIMET-HE(TM) and CLIMET-HE-200 Heat Exchangers, and the CLIMET-RC(TM) and CLIMET-RC-HV(TM) Refrigerated Chillers. All are globally distributed and serviced products, with CE certification, and all have 100% non-ferrous water circuits to foster maximum heat transfer and maximum gun component life. CLIMET-HE and CLIMET-HE-200 New from the ground up, the CLIMET-HE features rugged construction, a powerful new regenerative turbine pump, and a large-capacity brazed-plate heat exchanger. With its larger cooling capacity, the CLIMET-HE is capable of handling all current and older Sulzer Metco plasma guns. The unique turbine pump is powerful and can be easily set to deliver the precise water flow needed to properly cool each plasma gun. Ergonomically designed for ease of operation, CLIMET-HE comes with simplified international signage on the unit, and manuals graphically showing step-by-step pictorial instruction, replacing the usual text-based manuals. All operator controls are mounted on a tilted front panel for easy viewing while standing, and no tools are required to access the water tanks. To accommodate worldwide users, the CLIMET-HE family of heat exchangers comes in two voltage ranges: The CLIMET-HE operates from 380 to 460 volts AC, 3-phase, @ 50 or 60 Hz; and the CLIMET-HE-200 operates from 200 to 240 volts AC, 3-phase, @ 50 or 60 Hz. Features and Benefits - Rugged construction provides high reliability - Process stability improved through precise adjustment of cooling water - Powerful, easily set regenerative turbine pump - Large, 44 kW (150,000 btu/hr) thermal capacity handles all plasma guns - Small footprint, 86 cm X 66 cm (34 x 26 in) CLIMET-RC and CLIMET-RC-HV The new CLIMET-RC Refrigerated Chiller works in tandem with the CLIMET-HE, supplying chilled water to cool the heat exchanger at up to 98 litres/min (26 gal/min) and at temperatures as low as 7°C (44.6°F). Rated at 38.7 kW (132,000 btu/hr), this environmentally attuned and energy-efficient chiller is rugged and reliable, and can be located indoors or out. The finned-tube evaporator of the CLIMET-RC is located inside a large insulated water storage reservoir that limits cycling needs of the compressor to less than ten times per hour. All CLIMET-RC Chillers meet current U.S. codes and regulations and are CE compliant. The CLIMET-RC-HV is a smaller capacity version of the CLIMET-RC, and is offered as a stand-alone unit to cool the Sulzer Metco Diamond Jet Hybrid HVOF gun, and to conserve water through closed-loop operation. Rated at 16.4 kW (56,000 btu/hr), the CLIMET-RC-HV has a high-quality, hermetically-sealed Maneurop compressor and a long-life stainless steel pump and impeller. Features and Benefits for both CLIMET-RC and CLIMET-RC-HV - Galvanized, baked epoxy coated steel frame construction for long life. Powerful microprocessor controls with push-button water temperature settings - Large condenser coils permit operation to 35°C (95°F) ambient without nuisance shutdown - Close-coupled, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) provides cooling, even on throttled operation. As a global leader in surface engineering solutions and services using thermal spray and other advanced coating and process technologies, Sulzer Metco offers a complete portfolio of surface technology solutions, products, and services, including: - advanced thermal spray equipment and materials - system integration design and support - customer support services, such as field service, technical support and training - specialized coating services using state-of-the-art technologies - turbine component manufacturing - PVD coating services and equipment. With more than 1,500 professionals around the world, Sulzer Metco serves and supports companies in aerospace, power generation, automotive and specialty markets to control surface processes for a wide variety of applications on a global basis. For more information, please visit www.sulzermetco.com. If you are interested in obtaining the original high-resolution photography please email: marcom@sulzer.com.

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