Heat Exchanger heats or cools corrosive fluids.

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SSCF(R) shell-and-tube exchanger is available in 1-, 2-, or 4-pass models, with heat-transfer surfaces from 1.2 to 576 sq ft. It can be assembled from components and is available with ASME code construction. All fluid contact parts are stainless steel. For cooling chemical samples, carbon-steel or 316 stainless-steel EF(R), with all welded construction, has shell side pressures of 800 or 1000 psi, and tube-side design pressure of 1000 psi.

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CPI Engineers Have Many Options When Choosing Heat Exchangers

Buffalo, New York, April, 2002. From the straightforward, flexible designs of shell-and-tube exchangers to the more recent development of compact plate-and-frame models, engineers in the CPI have a wide variety of equipment choices to meet their needs for clean, efficient heat recovery.

The most common heat exchanger used in the CPI is the shell-and-tube exchanger. These units are mechanically simple yet offer flexible design, with high pressure and temperature capability. They are also able to handle high levels of particulates. One of the most popular for heating or cooling corrosive fluids is the SSCF(R) from ITT Standard. It is available in one, two, or four pass models, with heat transfer surfaces from 1.2 to 576 square feet. Pre-engineered, with all fluid contact parts of stainless steel, the SSCF can be assembled from stocked components and is available with ASME code construction, if desired.

For cooling chemical samples, ITT Standard offers the EF® cooler, in carbon steel or 316 stainless steel with all-welded construction. Shell side pressures are 800 or 1000 psig; tube side design pressure is 1000 psig.

Plate-and-frame exchangers have become increasingly attractive for many CPI applications in recent years. They are available in several types, including models including a glueless gasket system; double wall plate exchangers; welded plate exchangers; wide gap plate exchangers; and brazed plate exchangers.

Another technology commonly used in the CPI is the air-cooled exchanger. Again, many options exist, including aluminum brazed fin exchangers, aluminum plate fin exchangers, and fin-tube exchangers.

ITT Standard (http:\www.ittstandard.com) is a division of ITT Industries (http:\www.ittind.com) which is a leading worldwide-diversified manufacturing company with three primary business segments: Automotive, Defense & Electronics, and Fluid Technology. ITT Standard was the first U.S. manufacturer of heat exchangers to achieve ISO 9001 certification. A pioneer in the development of heat transfer technology, ITT Standard has been an industry leader for more than 75 years.

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