Headend System encodes, decodes, and multiplexes signals.

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Supporting terrestrial and satellite transmissions, R&S AVHE100 can generate up to 5 HD or 15 SD programs and several multiplexes, all on single processing platform. Integrated R&S AVG100 gateway can receive and decrypt satellite signals as well as split ASI/SD-SDI/HD-SDI signals for redundant systems. Intuitive user interface of headend management system accommodates all features and configuration parameters. Using automation option, activities can be time-controlled or event-controlled.

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Headend from Rohde & Schwarz for Encoding and Multiplexing Adds Options, Boosts Performance, Keeps Small Footprint

The new R&S AVHE100 headend solution can now generate up to five HD or fifteen SD programs and several multiplexes all on a single processing platform. There is also a new option for receiving and processing satellite signals, making this solution from Rohde & Schwarz one of the most powerful integrated solutions on the market: a complete multiplex center in just a single height unit. Plus, Rohde & Schwarz also supports the new HEVC standard for digital video compression.   


Munich,  — The R&S AVHE100 headend can encode, decode and multiplex signals using just a single device. It can also generate multiple physical layer pipes (PLP). The system integrates more functions in a few hardware components than other available solutions can manage with several separate components. Fewer components, in turn, improve the fail-safety of the R&S AVHE100. The integrated headend management system allows users to conveniently configure and monitor the various components.  


The second component of the headend -  the R&S AVG100 gateway - includes new features as well: It can now receive and decrypt satellite signals and split ASI/SD-SDI/HD-SDI signals for redundant systems.   


Rohde & Schwarz is supporting the new HEVC standard for digital video compression. In cooperation with the Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI), Berlin, Rohde & Schwarz will present its prototype of an HEVC encoder. On display will be software-based live encoding of HD content as well as file-based playout of 4k material. The HEVC encoder will be a software option for the R&S AVHE100, making it a future-ready investment. It will support a statistic multiplex as well as adaptive bit rate encoding for multiscreen applications.   


The integrated operating concept of the headend has been consistently enhanced. The intuitive user interface of the headend management system accommodates all of the new features and configuration parameters. Using the "automation" option, activities can be time-controlled or event-controlled, for example.   


The new, even more powerful R&S AVHE100 headend solution for encoding and multiplexing A/V signals for terrestrial and satellite transmissions is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.  


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