HDD Server Chassis support up to 24 HDDs in 2U space.

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Series SC113, SC213, and SC216 support 8, 16, or 24 hot-swappable 2.5 in. SAS/SATA HDDs, repectively. Along with choice of 700 W or redundant 650 W power supplies, 1U SC113TQ series features Universal I/O (UIO) options that support up to 3 add-on cards. Both 2U SC213 and SC216 series come in low-profile versions that support up to 7 low-profile add-on cards and UIO versions that support 4 full-height and 3 low-profile add-on cards. Each features redundant 900 W power supplies.

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Supermicro Introduces High-End 2.5'' HDD Server Chassis

8, 16 or 24 Drives in 1U/2U for Higher Density, Performance and Efficiency

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 14 -- Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:SMCI), a leader in application-optimized, high performance server solutions, today unveiled new high-end 1U and 2U chassis optimized for 2.5" SAS and SATA hard disk drives. The SC113, SC213 and SC216 series chassis support 8, 16 or 24 hot-swappable 2.5" SAS/SATA hard disk drives respectively, which effectively doubles the number of available drives per system. All chassis feature Supermicro's new advanced design high-efficiency (up to 90%*) power supplies.

"These new optimized chassis solutions combine our high-efficiency power supply technology with the energy-saving advantages of 2.5" disk drives; customers can save as much as $400** from Supermicro system efficiency over the life of the product plus hundreds of dollars more from the additional 50% power savings per drive," said Charles Liang, CEO and president of Supermicro. "Besides these power savings, the smaller size and corresponding lower latency of the drives enables these chassis to deliver 130 to 150 percent greater system performance in the same footprint."

Supermicro's versatile SC113TQ series 1U chassis are optimized for high-end, high performance server applications and support eight hot-swap 2.5" SAS/SATA hard drive bays. Advanced features include Universal I/O (UIO) options that support up to three add-on cards and a choice of high-efficiency 700-watt or redundant 650-watt power supplies (710-watt DC 48V and AC 900-watt also available). Meanwhile, the short-depth (20") SC113MTQ-360CB featuring an advanced 360W high-efficiency power supply is ideal for space constrained servers and appliances.

The SC213 and SC216 series 2U chassis support 16 and 24 hot-swap 2.5" SAS/SATA hard drive bays, respectively. These 2U chassis feature redundant 900-watt high-efficiency power supplies as well as iPass cables that minimize the number of internal cables and improve system airflow, cooling and reliability. The low-profile versions support up to seven low-profile add-on cards, while the UIO versions support four full-height and three low-profile add-on cards. Similar to the full-size 1U SC113 series, the SC213 and SC216 2U chassis support serverboards up to 13.68" x 13" across all CPU speeds. Supermicro also offers optional 710-watt DC power supplies, making these chassis an excellent choice for telecommunications applications.

Supermicro 2.5" HDD Chassis Series

SC113TQ-700: 1U 8 hot-swap SAS/SATA drives and SES-2
SC113TQ-R650: 1U 8 hot-swap SAS/SATA drives with SES-2, redundant power
SC113MTQ-360: Short-depth 1U 8 hot-swap SAS/SATA drives with SES-2
SC809-780/980: 1U Twin(TM) 4 hot-swap (total 8) SAS/SATA drives
SC213A-R900: 2U 16 hot-swap SAS/SATA drives with SES-2, redundant power
SC213E1-R900: 2U Single Edge-expander, cascade up to 240 physical devices
SC216A-R900: 2U 24 hot-swap SAS/SATA drives with SES-2, redundant power
SC216E1-R900: 2U Single Edge-expander, can cascade up to 240 physical devices
SC216E2-R900: 2U Dual Edge-expanders for redundant data path failover protection

Supermicro Server Building Block Solutions(R) offer exceptional flexibility and feature advantages. For more information on Supermicro's complete line of server and workstation solutions go to http://www.supermicro.com/.

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* Peak power efficiency rating based on internal testing results.
** Power saved when using Supermicro high-efficiency systems vs. standard servers and power supplies.

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