HD/SDI Distribution Amplifiers suit broadcast applications.

Press Release Summary:

Available with support for SDI and HD-SDI standards, 1 x 4 splitter AT-SDI-14, 1 x 4 splitter with re-clocking AT-SD-14RC, 1 x 6 splitter AT-SDI-16, and 1 x 6 splitter with re-clocking AT-SDI-16RC take single input and distribute signal perfectly to 4 or 6 identical outputs. Re-Clocking technology helps buffer and cascade long distance transmissions to send signal over 1,000 ft with resolutions up to 1,080p and full bandwidth up to 1.48 Gbps. Models also support audio.

Original Press Release:

Atlona Technologies Unveils Their Newest Product Line of HD/SDI Distribution Amplifiers

San Jose, June 24, 2009 - Atlona Technologies, solutions based manufacturer of Audio Video connectivity products, is excited to announce the newest addition to their HD/SDI product line with their Distribution Amplifiers. Atlona's new HD/SDI Splitter line includes: 1X4 Splitter (AT-SDI-14), 1X4 Splitter with Re-clocking (AT-SD-14RC), 1X6 Splitter (AT-SDI-16), and the 1X6 Splitter with Re-clocking (AT-SDI-16RC).

Atlona's HD/SDI Splitters take a single input and distributes the signal perfectly to four or six identical outputs. These units support both SDI (SMPTE 259M) and HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) standard, with guaranteed re-transmitted quality. Along with supported Audio, each of the SDI/HD-SDI outputs on the SDI-14RC and SDI-16RC units have re-clocking capabilities. With Re-Clocking Technology cascading and extremely long distance transmissions can be buffered to send signal over 1000ft with high resolutions up to 1080p and full bandwidth up to 1.48Gbps. Atlona Technologies' HD/SDI Splitters offer the most convenient, cost effective and dependable means for splitting SDI signal on the market today. These Distribution Amplifiers are perfect for all broadcasting applications.

Atlona's new HD/SDI Splitters are available today with the following MSRPs along with additional related units to be released throughout the year.

HD/SDI Switcher Models:

AT-SDI-14 MSRP: 449.00

AT-SDI-14RC MSRP: 549.00

AT-SDI-16 MSRP: 499.00

AT-SDI-16RC MSRP: 599.00

For more information, sales only:

West Coast Regional Manager

Gilbert Serrano,
(408) 954-8782 ext 114,

East Coast Regional Manager

Kevin Billingsley,
(408) 954-8782 ext.122,

Central Regional Manager

Ron Kasmarsik,
(408) 954-8782 ext. 127,

Company Name: Atlona Technologies

Address 1: 2151 O'Toole Ave, Unit D

City: San Jose

State: CA

Zip: 95131

Country: United States

Phone: 408-954-8782

URL: www.atlona.com

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