HCR Software Solutions Launches CompConnect Program for ADP Enterprise Clients

ROCHELLE PARK, N.J., Feb. 5 /-- HCR Software Solutions, the former software division of The Janis Group, Inc. (JGI), today announced the launch of its CompConnect Program for ADP Enterprise clients. CompConnect is powered by CompensationXL, HCR's breakthrough web-based compensation management solution that combines the familiarity of Microsoft Excel with a robust backend database, flexible workflow, reporting, and more. CompConnect is a program for ADP Enterprise clients that includes special pricing, proven integration, and a unique record of service and experience that comes from over 400 ADP Enterprise implementations by HCR's parent company Janis Group, Inc. (JGI) through its HR/21 practice.

Several notable ADP Enterprise clients already use HCR's CompensationXL solution, including Panasonic, Adtran, and Telex.

"ADP Enterprise is the core HR system for many successful companies in the Fortune 100 and mid market. We have strong relationships with many of these companies as a result of successful JGI-HR/21 implementations. Given that history, it's natural for ADP Enterprise clients to partner with HCR, a former division of JGI, to address their compensation management challenges," said Mike Janis, CEO of HCR Software Solutions and founder of JGI.

CompensationXL is winning many new clients due to its unique approach to technology. It allows companies to leverage their existing Excel spreadsheets in a robust web-based solution that will quickly attain 100% user adoption. This enables HR and compensation to focus on pay-for-performance, not a brand new software application. CompensationXL reduces errors and ensure Sarbanes- Oxley compliance. CompensationXL can manage salary, bonus, stock, and sales incentives. It offers best-in-class functionality, including budget modeling, approval routing, organizational management, intuitive job and salary history display, rollup consolidation, compensation analysis, and more. CompensationXL's Excel-centric model provides virtually unlimited flexibility to fit client needs without custom programming. It can be implemented in four to eight weeks.

Isabel Daguet, Director of HR Operations for Panasonic, a long time ADP Enterprise client, said, "We had a particularly arduous merit cycle in place and the process took a minimum of four months to complete. We needed to find a solution that could be integrated into our HR infrastructure quickly, have our end-users trained swiftly and reduce the merit cycle process noticeably. With a pre-existing relationship with the HCR Software Solutions' affiliate company JGI already in place, and a confidence in their abilities based on our history of satisfaction, we were thrilled when we saw the capabilities and scope of their compensation management offering."

She continued, "In less than four weeks, CompensationXL was implemented, our end-users were trained in a matter of days, and our merit cycle has been reduced to a four week process. CompensationXL's strength, customization, and ease-of-use have made our compensation management nightmare completely disappear. We never expected to have this product integrated and accepted so quickly. It has unquestionably improved and simplified our Salary Planning process."

CompConnect ADP Enterprise Integration

HCR has done integration with both on-premise and hosted instances of ADP Enterprise. On the hosted side, HCR has developed both inbound and outbound interfaces to simplify and expedite integration. These integration routines were developed by HCR in accordance with strict ADP Hosting Center guidelines and have been production-proven by many clients over the last two years. The outbound interface pulls in the necessary data from ADP Enterprise for the compensation process. When the compensation cycle is complete, CompensationXL collates and organizes the results and updates ADP Enterprise using HCR's inbound interface. These interfaces and HCR's experience working with ADP and ADP Enterprise clients enable rapid implementations and painless compensation cycles.

Serving ADP Enterprise Clients Since 1995

HCR Software Solutions is the former software division of The Janis Group, Inc. (JGI). The relationship between JGI and ADP dates back to 1995. Since that time, JGI's HR/21 practice has successfully delivered projects for more than 400 ADP Enterprise clients. HR/21 has a strong record for being on time and on budget. HCR Software Solutions continues that tradition.

Upcoming CompConnect Informational Webcasts

Join fellow ADP Enterprise clients for informational Webcasts on CompConnect. HCR's CEO, Mike Janis, will discuss the long history of successful partnerships with ADP and ADP Enterprise clients. CTO Don Berman will present details on integrating CompensationXL and ADP Enterprise. Karen Bregar, vice-president of Professional Services, will discuss CompensationXL implementations for ADP Enterprise clients. The CompensationXL application will be demonstrated. HCR clients from ADP Enterprise companies will share their experiences. Three dates and times are available. Visit HCR's website at www.hcrss.com/ to register.

About HCR Software Solutions

Headquartered in Rochelle Park, NJ, HCR Software Solutions was formerly a division of The Janis Group, Inc. (JGI). The Company prides itself on its solid customer references, flexibility in meeting customer requirements, and a unique approach to technology that maximizes impact and minimizes change management challenges. More information can be accessed at www.hcrss.com/.

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