HCC Embedded Makes Networks More Secure by Bringing Verifiable TCP/IP, Encryption, and Reliable File Systems to Atmel Cortex®-M7-based Processors

High-performance middleware with emphasis on performance, security, and reliability now available for Atmel | SMART SAM V70/V71/S70/E70 microcontroller series

Austin, Texas – HCC Embedded, experts in securing embedded data, has extended its range of reliable storage and networking software to the Atmel® | SMART SAMV70/V71, S70 and E70 range of ARM® Cortex® M7-based processors for automotive and industrial IoT applications. Atmel developers can now choose software designed using functional safety processes to ensure security and flash file systems are operating correctly. HCC's development process uses a framework that ensures complete target independence for use with any RTOS, toolchain, or development board.

"Today's application developers are challenged meeting safety requirements and safeguarding data when it is stored or transmitted," said Jacko Wilbrink, Sr. Director of MPUs, Atmel Corporation. "For secure, reliable data protection, developers using the Atmel Cortex-M7-based MCUs can leverage HCC Embedded's verifiable network stacks, security and encryption modules, and file systems to gain secure connectivity in their automotive and industrial IoT applications."

HCC's networking solutions include a rigorously MISRA-compliant TCP/IPv4 and IPv6 networking stack, an embedded Encryption Manager, and TLS/SSL software modules, all developed with rigorous MISRA adherence. Security and encryption modules are also supplied with 100 percent source and object code coverage testing and full MC-DC analysis to deliver the highest level of reliability. HCC's Encryption Manager supports both software- and hardware-accelerated encryption algorithms such as AES256/SHA256. An extensive range of USB CDC classes provides tight integration of networking with HCC's high performance network stacks.

For developers who need reliable storage, HCC offers a range of high-performance, fail-safe file systems solutions. HCC storage solutions guarantees the integrity of data and file system and manages any type of flash media including NAND, NOR, and eMMC. HCC also provides simulation of flash storage to calculate endurance and life of flash, compensating for wear and many other complexities of using flash.

Dave Hughes, HCC Embedded CEO, said, "Modern IoT applications have a requirement to achieve high performance and verifiable quality and to guarantee reliable operation for many years. HCC's partnership with Atmel delivers the most robust embedded software solutions capable of managing network communications to keep data secure, encrypted, reliable, and fast."

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About HCC Embedded

HCC Embedded is a leading supplier of advanced embedded middleware for ultra-reliable storage and secure communication. Implementation is based on a strong process that produces robust, target- independent software modules. The company offers an extensive family of products including fail-safe file systems, IPv4 and IPv6, USB software for host and device, flash translation layers, and eTaskSync verifiable scheduler. Thanks to the Advanced Embedded Framework, HCC software is both future proof and flexible, running seamlessly in embedded environments regardless of OS, toolchain, or hardware. All HCC Embedded products are distributed with full source code.

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