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Harmonic Filters are available for 3-phase, 200 V power grids.

Press Release Summary:

Sep 14, 2012 - ECOsine™ Active products provide system with opposing corrective current immediately, simultaneously compensating harmonics, phase shift, and load-unbalance. Filters dynamically adapt to changing grid and load situations for optimal compensation performance. While FN3420 series with 50 or 100 A of compensation current is designed for 3-wire systems, FN3430 in 4-wire technology can be used for networks with separate neutral conductor (30 and 60 A).

Original Press Release

ECOsine(TM) Active - New Harmonic Filters for 200V Systems

Press release date: Sep 13, 2012

The Schaffner Group further broadens its product offering of solutions for the improvement of power quality.The popular active harmonic filters ECOsine™ Active are new also available for 3-phase 200V power grids.

Nowadays, an increasing number of energy-efficient electrical consumers are used in industrial and commercial applications, including switch-mode power supplies, variable speed motor drives or LED lighting. These modern technologies contribute significantly to the reduction of electrical energy consumption; however, as an unwanted byproduct of their operation they can negatively affect the power quality.

ECOsine™ Active harmonic filters deliver a reliable remedy. They provide the system with an opposing corrective current immediately, compensating harmonics, phase shift and load-unbalance at the same time. They dynamically adapt to changing grid and load situations, providing an optimum compensation performance at all times.

New in the Schaffner product offering are active filters for three phase networks on the level of 200…240V (50/60Hz), often used in some regions (e.g. parts of Asia) for commercial building applications. While the product family FN3420 with 50A or 100A of compensation current is designed for three-wire systems, FN3430 in four-wire technology can be used for networks with separate neutral conductor (30A and 60A). The highly compact design (IP20) allows the space-saving filter integration directly in the electrical cabinet.

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