Harmonic Drive Gearheads suit semiconductor industries.

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RGH series gearheads employ design that combines zero backlash gear components with integral flange output supported by heavy-duty bearings. Available in 3 sizes, gearheads have rated output torque ranges from 221 to 1213 lbs-in, while max output torque is rated to 6,072 lbs-in. Positional accuracy is less than 1 arc-min, and reduction ratios are available from 50:1 through 160:1. RGH gearheads mount to most servo motors.

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Harmonic Drive Technologies Introduces The RGH Series Of Compact, Zero-Backlash Gearheads

Harmonic Drive Technologies, a leading manufacturer of gear systems and servo actuators introduces its RGH series of gearheads. RGH harmonic drive gearheads offer design engineers the accuracy and repeatability expected from harmonic drive gearing in a design more compact than traditional, high ratio gearheads. The design of RGH gearheads combines Harmonic Drive Technologies' zero backlash gear components with an integral flange output supported by heavy duty bearings allowing the units to provide high axial, radial and moment loads for their compact size.

RGH gearhead are available in three sizes with a rated output torque ranging from 221-1213 in lb and maximum output torques up to 6,072 in lbs. Positional accuracy of the gearheads is less than 1 arc- minute and reduction ratios are available from 50:1-160:1. They are easily mounted to most servo motors and are the ideal solution for applications requiring precise positional accuracy and repeatability including robot joints, positioning systems, and factory automation equipment.

Harmonic Drive Technologies of Peabody, Mass., is a leading manufacturer of harmonic drive gears, gearheads, and actuators for several industries, including: semiconductor, factory automation, robotics, medical and aerospace. Harmonic Drive Technologies supplies standard off-the-shelf and custom motion control solutions utilizing harmonic drive and RV gearing technology.

For further information: call 800-921-3332; visit Harmonic Drive Technologies' Web Site at harmonic-drive.com; or send an email to info@harmonic-drive.com.

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