Hardy Process Solutions Achieves Premier Integration with Rockwell Automation® Logix® Systems for Process Weighing

Easy Connection on the Backplane or Over Wire Coupled with AOPs, Faceplates/AOIs Reduce Systems Integration Time Up to 90%

SAN DIEGO, CA – Hardy Process Solutions has achieved the highest level of weighing  integration with Rockwell Automation® Logix® systems, with a combination of connectivity on the backplane or over wire and integration tools.  Using a combination of Add-on-Profiles (AOPs), EDS-AOPs, HMI Faceplates with Add-on-Instructions, and sample programs/function blocks creates a synergistic methodology for EASY and seamless integration for weighing with Rockwell PLCs and PACs using RSLogix® and Studio 5000®.

Tim Norman, Product Manager for Modules and Instruments at Hardy Process Solutions will deliver technical session PR26 on Premier Integration at the upcoming Rockwell Automation TechEd conference in Orlando, FL from June 12-17, 2016.  During the session, Norman will provide an overview of the integration tools required for Premier Integration with a Rockwell PLC/PAC. 

Flexible and Easy Physical Connections

Hardy provides a full range of flexible options for easily connecting weighing instruments on the backplane or over wire.  Adding ControlLogix and CompactLogix plug-in weigh modules to a Rockwell PLC/PLC is as easy as snapping the modules onto the backplane.  Weight data communicated using backplane native I/O is fast and deterministic with the tightest possible control loop and no network latencies. Hardy weight controllers, weight processors and transmitters also connect over wire through a standard Ethernet router/switch to a standard Ethernet card in the PLC with communications via the EtherNet/IP protocol certified to ODVA Level 3 or Level 1.

Reduce Integration Time and Improve Time to Market.

Hardy’s pre-programmed and pre-tested integration tools can reduce development time by 50 to 90%.  Hardy AOPs for RSLogix Studio 5000 are configuration files that provide access to device data in a user-friendly manner using items such as tabs and pull-down menus.  In plain language, these tools provide access to device information to make setup and use simple compared to working in HEX and trigger bits to perform a task. EDS-AOPs perform the same function through a text file that can be imported into the Logix software.

Hardy has also developed Site Edition and Machine Edition Faceplates/AOIs (Add-on-Instructions) for Rockwell Automation® FactoryTalk® View for its HI 1756-WS/2WS and HI 1769-WS/2WS plug-in weigh scale modules and the HI 6500 series weight processors.  Faceplates/AOIs utilize software instruction tags for the controller and graphics for the HMI to reduce GUI development time.  System integrators and machine builders can configure, commission, operate and display weigh scale module information without the need to write a single line of code.  Hardy Faceplates/AOIs for FactoryTalk View are downloadable for free on the Hardy Process Solutions website (www.hardysolutions.com).

Norman said, “Faceplates for Hardy’s plug-in weight modules and weight processors streamline GUI development and serve as a template to create consistency on how weigh modules are configured through an HMI and how weight data is displayed. Programmers can cut and paste specific elements of Hardy’s Faceplates for use in other visualization projects showing, for example, an entire factory-scale system.”

For ease of integration, Hardy also offers sample programs, function blocks and ladder logic for PLCs that are not based on Logix, such as the Micro800.  These tools are also designed to ease integration of weighing functions into other Rockwell Automation based manufacturing systems. 

For additional product information, visit Hardy Faceplates/AOIs. To learn more about the integration of Hardy Weigh Scale Modules, view a short, informative YouTube video.


Agency: Julie Eleftheriou | 952.913.3065 | julie@longrenpaks.com 

Company: Janice Kall | 858-255-6782 | janice.kall@hardysolutions.com

About Hardy Process Solutions

Hardy Process Solutions has established itself as an industry leader in the weighing automation world by providing highly accurate precision measurements, while seamlessly integrating process weight signals into a plant control system.  At Hardy, we believe that industrial weighing solutions should be EASY to engineer and operate.  We believe that simplicity delivers the lowest total cost to own. That’s why our solutions are easier to install, integrate, commission, diagnose and maintain in all four areas of the supply chain. 

1. STOCK - accurate weight and level measurement/monitoring

2. MAKE - adaptable weight & rate material feed measurement/control

3. PACK - for robust rate & weight feed measurement/control

4. SHIP - off-the-shelf static and dynamic check weighing solutions

For further information, visit the Hardy Process Solutions website at www.hardysolutions.com, call 858-278-2900 or email hardyinfo@hardysolutions.com.

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