Hardinge Adds Indexing and Rotary Flexibility to the Mill Table

Hardinge will be demonstrating a revolutionary concept for large part positioning in booth 8032 this year at IMTS. Hardinge's world-renowned collet-ready A2-5 spindle is the heart of this indexing revolution. The same accuracy, precision and reliability built into the Hardinge lathe now extends to their large-capacity indexing/rotary table systems. A variety of standard 16C or 3J spindle tooling will mount directly in or on the high-precision spindle without the use of an adapter.

Hardinge adds the 16C and 3J indexing/rotary table system to their successful 5C product offering to provide rapid part(s) positioning as well as linear, arc and spiral milling for different part sizes, shapes and materials. Common spindle tooling can be shared from indexer to lathe. Collets, expanding collets, step chucks and 3-jaw power chucks will automatically center the part and afford superior grip force for heavy cutting. Compare to your existing clamping method - improve accuracy and precision while eliminating lengthy set up! The collet spindle design means that gripping is in the spindle, closest to the spindle bearings, unlike surface-mounted adapters used on traditional rotary tables.

A 6" (152.4mm) centerline to base is standard, with a 1.625" (41.27mm) 16C, or a 1.750" (44.45mm) 3J through-hole capacity for the ability to swallow longer parts. A pneumatic collet closer provides 4560-pound (2068kg) draw bar pull. A .625" (15.87mm) stroke allows the use of "power" chucks. Removable eyehooks locate on the top or on the face of the indexing/rotary table system for installation to a mill table or assembly operation. The compact brushless motor can be ordered for either left- or right-hand setup. The spindle has a true rolling element design with dual angular contact spindle bearings to accommodate heavy part weights and high tailstock thrust. Speeds can be reached up to 50 RPM or 300-degrees per second.

The 16C model will accept round stock capacities up to 1-5/8" (41.27mm), hex capacities up to 1-13/32" (35.71mm) and square capacities up to 1-9/64" (28.97mm) using standard collets. The 3J model will accept capacities of up to 1-¾" (44.45mm), 1-17/32" (38.89mm) and 1-¼" (31.75mm) respectively. Hardinge manufactures and stocks a large array of spindle tooling to hold larger parts: step chucks for up to 6" (152.4mm) outside diameters or custom shapes; Sure-Grip® expanding collets for up to 4" (101.6mm) internal diameter gripping; 3-jaw power chucks and 10" fixture plates. Emergency collets and step chucks can be bored-to-size on location for JIT machining. Tailstocks will provide support for parts that exceed the 3:1 length-to-diameter ratio. Hardinge Super-Precision® Indexers/Rotary Tables will be available for machining higher-precision medical and aerospace parts.

Hardinge indexing/rotary table systems are compatible with most brands of vertical machining centers and knee mills. Hardinge's unique servo control will store up to 50 programs with up to 1000 steps in each program. The multiple line display means you'll be viewing all critical data, reduce scrolling and spend less time referring to the operator's manual. Infrared data transmission capabilities allow upload and download of programs from a pocket PC. The 16C and 3J indexer/rotary table systems can be used with a Hardinge servo control actuated by "M" functions, interfaced using an RS-232 interface cable, or as a true 4th-axis of most brand VMCs including Hardinge Bridgeport® machining centers or knee mills.

Hardinge will be demonstrating other workholding and tool holding solutions for mills including their fail-safe, pneumatic collet block. Its unique design allows the operator to maintain part concentricity without downtime or waste, if loss of air should occur.

Join the indexing revolution - experience the collet advantage.
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