Hard Hat Liner provides heating or cooling comfort.

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Hardhat liner, available in dome-shaped and aviator styles, is worn alone or beneath hardhats. It employs 3-layer fabric that, dependent on addition of water, promotes evaporative cooling or preserves body warmth. Made of DuPont Supplex®, outer shell protects against UV rays, rips, punctures, and snags. Middle layer consist of PolySorb® batting, and third layer is wickable, water repellent liner.

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Silver Eagle Outfitters Adds Hard-Hat Liner to its Industrial Cooling Apparel Line

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama-January 8, 2004-Silver Eagle Outfitters, LLC, the design and manufacturing leaders in evaporative cooling products for workplace wear, have added a new hardhat liner to their expanding line of affordable and effective industrial cooling apparel. The hardhat liner, available in two different styles, can be worn beneath standard hardhats or alone to offer year-round comfort through evaporative cooling or warming insulation.

Silver Eagle Outfitters designed the hardhat liner specifically for the rigors of the industrial workplace, where heat related illness is an on-going challenge facing workers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), nationally 21 workers died and 2,254 others expressed heat-related occupational injuries and illness serious enough to miss work during 2000. "These numbers are the reason we work so hard to create effective cooling garments expressly tailored for the workplace," said Bill Case, Silver Eagle Outfitters Co-founder. "We have been selling our caps and dew-rags since we expanded into the industrial market, but we realized we needed to create an item specifically designed to more easily fit beneath the hardhats and helmets required by industrial workforce standards."

"Like all of our garments in our industrial line, we focused on durability and quality while keeping the price affordable." said Nancy Keen, Co-Founder of Silver Eagle Outfitters. "There are similar items out there that offer either bulky warmth or gel-induced cooling, but ours is designed to offer lightweight, all-season relief from the elements."

The hardhat liner is constructed to offer year-round comfort and safety while enduring the rigors of the industrial workplace. The key to this functionality is Silver Eagle's specially selected, three-layer fabric that-dependent on the addition of water-promotes evaporative cooling while also offering the option of preserving the body's warmth. The outer shell is made of durable DuPont Supplex® for effective protection from the sun's harmful UV rays, as well as from rips, punctures, and snags. A middle layer of PolySorb® batting provides two modes of temperature control: when dry, the batting becomes an effective ultra-light insulator that maintains body warmth; when activated by water, this same batting is specifically designed to promote evaporative cooling for two to five hours without excess weight. Finally, the wickable, water repellent liner, acts as a conductive layer to pull heat and moisture from the wearer's head when the hardhat liner is used in its cooling mode.

The Silver Eagle Outfitters hardhat liner is available in two different styles, both competitively priced and satisfaction-guaranteed. A standard dome-shaped style is offered for $17.50; also, the "Aviator-Style" liner, with a two-inch flap that extends to cover the ears for additional comfort, can be purchased for $20.00. Like all other Silver Eagle products, the hardhat liners are machine washable and offers consistent comfort whether worn alone or beneath other garments.

Silver Eagle hardhat liners, vests, and other headwear can be purchased direct from www.silvereagleoutfitters.com, through licensed distributors, or by calling 888-672-6963.

Silver Eagle Outfitters is a trademark of Silver Eagle Outfitters, LLC.
Supplex® is a registered trademark of DuPont. Hydroweave® and PolySorb® are registered trademarks of AquaTex Industries, Incorporated. Hydroweave is covered under U.S. Patent No. 5,885,912; 6,371,977; and R.S.A. Patent No. 2000/5183. Additional U.S. and foreign patents are pending.

For more information on Silver Eagle Outerwear, contact: Silver Eagle Outfitters, LLC., 917 Willowbrook Dr. Suite F, Huntsville, AL 35802: Phone: 888.672.6963; silvereagleoutfiters.com email: info@silvereagleoutfitters.com

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