Harbec, Inc. Invests in People and Equipment for Continuous Improvement in Quality

Harbec's investment in new instrumentation equipment combined with a focus on employee engagement and training reinforces the quality culture for the Upstate, NY manufacturer; and adds new technical capability for measuring and managing the quality of precision engineered tightly toleranced components for medical, aerospace, transportation, and electronics customers.

Ontario, NY

Harbec, Inc. (www.harbec.com) announces the acquisition of new equipment and instrumentation for its Quality Department, strengthening existing technical capabilities and operations.

Harbec has made significant upgrades in equipment and software to their Quality Department which has provided additional technical capability for part inspections. Recent Harbec equipment additions include the addition of:

• An automated Sheffield Discovery CMM
• Brown and Sharpe Optiv programmable Vision System with CMM capabilities
• Brown and Sharpe Optiv Classic 123 Vision System
• Master Gage portable CMM arm
• 5 new high powered microscopes
• Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer to measure color values
• Digital Brown and Shape Tesa700 Hite Gage

Kevin Ralg, Quality Manager at Harbec states, "Our new equipment and instrumentation enables our Quality Department to reinforce and expand our technical capabilities. As a result we have strengthened Harbec's commitment to quality as a business, and for a value to our customers. Since acquiring new tools, software, and instrumentation we have enhanced our ability to establish and measure goals, decrease part defects and customer returns, reduce our in-facility scrap rate, and decrease PPM numbers while increasing productivity.

In addition to its equipment purchases Harbec continues to empower employees to actively contribute new ideas for achieving quality goals and continuous improvement. Harbec understands that the quality of an organization can never exceed the quality of the minds that make it up. As a result, Harbec has increased specific training for its employees, allowing them to advance their skills and achieve their fullest potential. In doing so, employees have become stewards of quality within their job function and across business units.

Kevin Ralg further states, "Quality is a companywide commitment beyond the confines of a single department. At Harbec, quality is everyone's responsibility. As our employees are trained on these tools their skills and capabilities are also improved. New tools provide capability, but ongoing commitment and training of employees further cultivates Harbec's culture of quality."

For more information on Harbec please contact us, info@harbec.com.

Founded by Bob Bechtold in 1977, HARBEC's mission is to provide tightly toleranced prototypes, tooling, machined components and quality injection molded parts in a sustainable manner with a social conscience. They provide superior customer service, satisfaction and timely delivery of custom engineered solutions. HARBEC proudly foster an atmosphere of encouragement and respect for the health and prosperity of their customers, employees, and the global community.

Harbec provides capabilities and solutions for the consumer product, sporting goods, defense/aerospace, transportation, medical, marine, and energy industries. Harbec has capabilities in the use of innovative materials, problem-solving, and working with R&D and commercial organizations on unique prototypes or engineering and manufacturing groups on high volume production. HARBEC has capabilities for short (1-to-100 parts) or longer run (>1M parts) production.

HARBEC is certified as an ITAR, ISO9000-2008, ISO14001, and ISO15001/SEP Company, demonstrating its use of "ecoeconomic" decisions and policies designed to ensure that its activities are sustainable. HARBEC has developed and implemented a myriad of solutions to offset emissions, utilize waste and conserve resources. HARBEC reached its goal of "no carbon footprint" in 2013. Currently, the facility has a 250kW and 850kW wind turbines and operates a twenty-five microturbine combined heat and power plant which generates electricity and provides thermal energy to meet the heating and cooling requirements of the facility. For more information, please visit: www.HARBEC.com.

Media Contact: Kate Chamberlain, HARBEC, Inc., (585) 265-0010, katec@HARBEC.com.

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