Hankook Machine Tools Co., Ltd. Adopts REDEX ANDANTEX´ DualKRP+ Drives for Its Newest Rack & Pinion Type Roll Lathes!

DualKRP+ also features the REDEX ANDANTEX-invented fully integrated output pinion technology that provides the exceptional compound stiffness which is essential in high demanding rack & pinion drive applications. This product line offers six universal sizes as a standard. Its implementation is quite easy due to the innovative and compact design.

"Our thorough comparison with competing equipments using REDEX ANDANTEX´ devices, as well as equipments using devices from other drives manufacturers revealed that REDEX ANDANTEX´ solution perfectly fits the specification requirement for our machine," said Hankook Machine Tools´ Director Kim Dongseok. "Not only does REDEX ANDANTEX have a wide range of products that meet all the various specification requirements we might ask for, but in addition all their products showcased a high level of performance and reliability."

Kim explained, "we asked for a design specification including travelling distance up to 15,000 mm, angular backlash precision better than 4 arcsec, speed up to 4 m/min, and max. feed force higher than 35,000 N. REDEX ANDANTEX met all our specification requirements. Their highly reactive technical support service also allows us to be in effective partnership in terms of product quality control."

Unlike the previous ball screw type lathes, the rack & pinion type lathe R-50W drive includes the gearbox by design. It makes the installation very easy as the gearbox does not need to be installed separately. In terms of travelling distance requests from the customers, simply extending the bed length practically provides unlimited Z-axis movement. This unprecedented level of flexibility allows a wide range of applications. In addition, a linear encoder can be used to add a closed loop position control to the system and to improve the positioning precision.

Hankook Machine Tools´ roll lathe R-50W is currently targeting the steel and shipbuilding applications. Two units have already been delivered to customers. It is now expected to reach even wider range of applications as it was designed with flexibility in mind, allowing customizing for different environments and specifications. Hankook is currently developing another roll lathe R-70W which again includes REDEX ANDANTEX´ high-tech planetary drives DualKRP4+.

REDEX ANDANTEX´s solutions are successfully implemented in Korea, but also in China, Japan, the USA, Germany, Italy or Spain.

REDEX ANDANTEX, headquartered in Ferrières, France, employs 320 persons and has three production sites in Europe and North America (Andantex USA). More than 75% of sales are generated outside France. Technological progress, a commitment to quality and exceptional technical support are the fundamental values of REDEX ANDANTEX.

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