HandsFree Applicator Tubes Introduces Tube Tools

Tube Tools are now available to create an "all in one" squeezable tube device for industrial, personal care and cosmetic applications. It's a plastic part that simply attaches to the sealed end of a filled tube that can be scaled up or down in size to fit any tube in the world. You can create a platform with an applicator, bristol brush, comb, scraper, personal shaver or anything that compliments your product.

"There are no limitations at all", says Bijan Hosseini, President of HandsFree Applicator tubes. For stain removal gels you would use the soft HandsFree Applicator which is attached to the dispensing end of the HandsFree Tube and lightly spread the gel and rub gently. For stains on a denim or sturdy fabric the consumer would still apply the gel with the soft applicator and then turn it around and use the bristle brush tube tool to firmly scrub out the stain. "This would be a one up on Shout's appicator bottle", says Hosseini.

Licensing and codevelopment opportunities are currently available. For more information and samples please e mail scott@hfa-worldwide or phone 800-398-9856 ext 89.

Contact Name: Bijan Hosseini

Title: President

E-mail: bijan@handsfreesunscreen.com

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