Hands-on Demonstration of up to 80% Weight Savings Possible with New Composite Accumulator Technology that Helps Increase Offshore Drilling Rig Payloads to Be Featured at OTC.07, Parker Hannifin Booth 4317

ROCKFORD, IL - March 13, 2007 - A special hands-on demonstration of the significant weight savings that can be achieved with its new lightweight carbon fiber composite hydraulic accumulators will be featured by Parker Hannifin's Hydraulic Accumulator Division at OTC .07, Booth 4317. This technology can eliminate up to 80 percent of the weight of traditional steel accumulators used on Blow Out Preventer (BOP) control units and offshore tensioner systems to help increase offshore drilling rig payloads.

"Composite accumulators hold a lot of promise for the offshore industry because every pound eliminated from the structure means more productivity and a more profitable operation," notes Bob Rajabi, engineering manager for the Hydraulic Accumulator Division. "As an example, the average BOP control unit has anywhere from 16 to 24 steel accumulators, each weighing from 1,000 to 8,000 pounds. Eliminating as much as 80 percent of that weight with a composite accumulator translates to thousands of pounds in increased payload."

Composite accumulators perform just as well as traditional steel accumulators and provide high corrosion resistance, which is critical in the offshore environment. Furthermore, the requirements for deeper drilling demand higher system pressures. To overcome the higher head pressure, the volume of the accumulator must increase. The larger the accumulator volume combined with higher pressures, the greater the weight savings when compared to traditional steel accumulators.

Parker supplies a wide range of accumulators for oilfield applications

Currently Parker Hannifin's Hydraulic Accumulator Division supplies a wide range of accumulators for various oilfield applications. Parker is a market leader in special piston accumulator requirements including high pressures (20,000 PSI and higher), large bore (16-in. and larger), and a number of special materials such as stainless steel. Certifications include ASME, PED, DNV, ABS, and CRN along with a number of relevant international certifications. Parker is also a leader in bladder accumulators and is supplying thousands of 10, 11, and 15-gallon bladder accumulators to the oilfield markets.

About Parker Hannifin's Hydraulic Accumulator Division

Parker Hannifin's Hydraulic Accumulator Division manufactures a complete line of hydraulic accumulators and accessories. For more than 50 years Parker has been supplying the global marketplace with piston and bladder style accumulators, and more recently a popular line of diaphragm accumulators.

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