Hands-Free Triplex-X-X Wireless Intercom Features Circle of Silence

R-Columbia's TRIPLEX Wireless Intercom System - Permits 3 users up to 1,000 feet apart to talk and listen to each other simultaneously (no push-to-talk buttons). It's all on your head! No Beltpacks or Base Stations Required. This 3 Headset Continuous Talking Network operates in the 900 MHz license-free ISM band.

R-Columbia's System 903 radio phones consist of 3 headsets with built-in transmitter, receiver 9v battery supply, and microprocessor. Available in Single and double ear headphones styles.

Each headphone transmits and receives on separate channels allowing users to communicate on an open line. R-Columbia's exclusive Circle of Silence "Noise Gate" feature blocks out unwanted acoustic noise caused by wind or background noise. Automatic gain control AGC adjusts to changing input level. A built-in microprocessor allows the selection of eight channel pairs, thereby avoiding frequency conflicts. Users will hear their side tone when speaking, confirming that transmission is taking place.

A flexible mini gooseneck boom allows adjustment of the mic for optimal performance. The mic boom rotates and can be operated from either the user's left or right side. Exclusive microphone conditioning circuits (compression and noise gating) are the secret to the outstanding vocal clarity of an R-Columbia's "open line" radio intercom.

Markets of interest include Videographers, TV Studios, Football Coaches Theater and Industry. Uses include; voice communication between directors, producers and operators of TV, video and recording equipment, communication between football coaches during practices and games.

System comes complete with molded plastic cases for protection during storage. Request catalog 4R for complete details and pricing.

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