Handle-It® Build-A-Rail

Handle-It® Build-A-Rail Guard Rails feature stackable, durable protection against damage from warehouse machinery. These new, easy to assemble rails can be stacked one, two, or three units high. They are available in 4, 6, 8, and 10 foot lengths which can be joined together to cover any distance you need. Corner couplers are also available to form 90 degree corners.

Each base unit is constructed of a 5/32" wall and a 4" x 4" tube welded to a 5/8" thick 10" x 10" base plate. Each heavy duty, steel rail section is constructed of a 5/32" wall and a 4" x 4" tube. An optional 4-pack of ¾" by 4 ¼" wedge anchors is available to fit four mounting holes in base plates. MII Equipment, Inc. stocks the entire line of Handle-It® Build-A-Rail.

For additional information call 1.800.236.1080, fax at 414.453.9975, or visit their website at www.handleitinc.com.

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