Handi-Ramp Launches Comprehensive Yard Ramp Knowledge Base

Libertyville, IL — Handi-Ramp (http://www.handiramp.com/yardramps/), the largest retailer of yard ramps in the country, is proud to announce the launch of their extensive Yard Ramp Knowledge Base. This new informational service is the most comprehensive online resource for yard ramps on the web.

Yard ramps are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that are most commonly used in a warehouse or distribution environment to facilitate the moving of materials and forklifts from truck to ground or ground to loading dock. Finding the most efficient and affordable new or used yard ramp can be a complicated process, but Handi-Ramp's in-depth Knowledge Base provides extensive information to educate users and managers about the options and capabilities of this equipment.

The new Yard Ramp Knowledge Base helps commercial property owners and warehouse managers make more informed purchasing decisions and show them how to properly utilize their newly acquired yard ramp. Detailed Decision Guides provide vital information on yard ramps to help decision makers choose the appropriate dimensions of a yard ramp for their application, determine the capacity of a yard ramp to purchase, know when to choose an aluminum yard ramp instead of a steel yard ramp and decide whether renting a yard ramp is a better decision than buying a yard ramp. Educational Guides walk users through the safe use and operation of a yard ramp, optional features that are available, how to properly move a yard ramp and even financing options. Comprehensive Case Studies show how industrial ramps have enhanced the efficiency of business operations for wholesalers, strip malls, manufacturing parks and even Wrigley Field.

Handi-Ramp is proud to have been manufacturing and selling ramps that are made in the U.S.A. for over 55 years. While imported yard ramps may have a lower cost, their quality does not meet the high durability and safety standards Handi-Ramp requires. Using the Knowledge Base, customers can learn more about a yard ramp's structure and capacity, how to identify a foreign built yard ramp, understand safety-risks and recurring problems associated with imported yard ramps.

This valuable new resource from Handi-Ramp informs potential customers about the number of factors that make up the decision to purchase or rent a yard ramp to increase the efficiency of their business.

About Handi-Ramp

Handi-Ramp of Libertyville, IL has been designing and manufacturing ramps since 1958. The company's ramps are used by governmental agencies, schools, churches, hotels and other public and commercial facilities for a wide range of purposes. For more information, visit http://www.handiramp.com/yardramps/ or call 847-680-7700 or contact Jed Stoneham at 847-680-3318; email: jstoneham@handiramp.com.

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