Handheld Thermal Transfer Label Printer will not overheat.

Press Release Summary:

Able to print labels on ½, 1, and 2 in. vinyl, DuraLabel 2000 PLUS operates on rechargeable battery and employs 2 alternating heat elements that enable zero printer cool-down time. Thermal transfer labeler incorporates 2.62 x 1.31 in. LCD screen with 256 x 128 pixel resolution that shows 5 lines of label design. Printing at speeds to 0.40 ips, portable unit automatically sizes text and images to fill entire space on label and features manual cutter that produces clean label edges.

Original Press Release:

Graphic Products Launches New DuraLabel 2000 PLUS Handheld Label Printer

Labeler won't overheat, prints 54 percent faster than competing models

Portland, OR - Safety labeling solutions provider Graphic Products, Inc. has released its newest thermal transfer labeler, the DuraLabel 2000 PLUS Handheld Label Printer.

"For anyone involved in facility management and safety, it is important to have an intuitive, portable, and cost-effective label printer that meets label-making demands efficiently," said Jeff Dahl, manufacturing operations manager at Graphic Products. "The DuraLabel 2000 PLUS is that printer."

Printing labels on one-half-inch, one-inch, and two-inch vinyl supply and operating on a rechargeable battery, the DuraLabel 2000 PLUS offers many features unique for a handheld labeler. Three main features stand out: a large LCD screen, zero printer cool-down time required, and a fast print speed.

The printer's viewable LCD screen (2.62" x 1.31")-significantly large for its category-shows five lines of a label design at a given time and provides an easy-to-read, high resolution display (256x128 pixels).

The DuraLabel 2000 PLUS boasts two alternating heat elements, which means zero printer cool-down time is required. In short, the printer will not overheat then shut down at inconvenient times during the labeling process -- saving customers' time and generating more printed labels.

Printing at 0.40-inches per second, the DuraLabel 2000 PLUS prints labels approximately 54 percent faster than the leading competitor's handheld labeler, with printed labels maintaining industrial-quality properties.

"Another important feature is the auto-size setting for text and images," said Dahl. "Taking into account the number of lines on the label, the printer automatically sizes text and images to entirely fill the space on the label -- eliminating the need to manually input the sizes in an exhaustive 'guess-and-check' process often required when using other handheld labelers."

The portable, 2.7-pound DuraLabel 2000 PLUS is ideal for industrial labeling applications including 5S labeling, pipe marking, equipment identification, rack labeling, electrical panel labeling, safety information labeling, barcode labeling, wire and cable wrapping, and valve tagging.

Additional DuraLabel 2000 PLUS benefits include the following:

  • Pre-installed library consists of 250 industrial safety symbols
  • Battery prints 100 feet of labels on one charge
  • Soft key menu system enables quick navigation and design
  • Printer saves up to 32 label designs
  • Manual cutter produces clean label edges
  • Shock-resistant construction protects printer during transport

    DuraLabel 2000 PLUS vinyl supply and ribbons are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. Currently, vinyl tapes are available in eight colors. Ribbons are available in six colors.

    The DuraLabel 2000 PLUS is shipped with a rechargeable battery, a battery charger and printer cleaning products. Optional accessories include hard and soft carrying cases.
    Free sample labels and a free DuraLabel 2000 PLUS printer brochure may be requested by visiting http://duralabel2000.com/request-sample.php.

    More information can be found by visiting www.duralabel2000.com or by calling 1-888-326-9244.

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