Handheld Scanner combines OCR and bar code reading.

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Measuring 6 x 8 in., VICAMmobile OCR captures data from labels and outer packaging of boxes. Once information is located, it is scanned and displayed on monitor screen. All recorded information can then be integrated into automated management system for further distribution, processing, and management visibility. In addition to 1-D and 2-D codes such as UPC and pdf417 codes, camera-based scanner can capture handwritten text and read large barcodes on tires, bicycles, and auto parts.

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Vitronic's Handheld Scanner Offers a Unique Solution to OCR and Bar Code Reading

Louisville, KY (September 24, 2008) --- VITRONIC Machine Vision Ltd., the premier manufacturer of 3-D scanning, dimensioning, and weighing systems for the parcel and distribution industries, now offers their data capture technology in a convenient hand held scanning device. The high definition handheld scanner combines optical character recognition (OCR) and barcode reading to capture data from labels and the outer packaging of boxes. This compact technology, known as the VICAMmobile OCR, rapidly identifies character symbols and codes for the parcel, warehousing, and logistics industries. This technology allows distribution centers to adapt much quicker to vision automation technologies in order to improve their distribution process. The VICAMmobile OCR performs exceptionally well reading damaged bar code labels and labels behind plastic. Once the information is located on the package or object, it is scanned and displayed on a monitor screen. All the recorded information can then be integrated into an automated management system for further distribution, processing, and management visibility. The VICAMmobile OCR also offers distribution centers an additional solution to processing nonstandard shipments such as tires, bicycles, and auto industry parts. While lasers are typically incapable of reading large barcodes, VITRONIC's handheld camera-based scanner is perfectly adept for large barcode reading. The handheld scanner's ability to read machine-produced codes combined with the OCR-reading feature is a suitable alternative for distribution centers that do not handle a high volume of packages. The OCR feature is able to capture typed or handwritten text such as serial numbers, product numbers, quantitative data, and supplier numbers. It can also capture 1-D and 2-D codes such as UPC and pdf417 codes; even partially destroyed or incomplete codes are identified. VICAMmobileOCR is a great alternative for distribution centers wanting to achieve scan tunnel results. Mobility and easy use make this hand held system a convenient turn-key solution. Measuring just 6"x8", the hand-held camera is easy to handle and operate, thanks to its ergonomic design. Features include: optical focusing; automatic sharpness detection; acoustic and optical signals confirming the reading; and a mounting device that avoids cumbersome handling when not in use. The scanner's small size also saves storage space for distribution centers that may not be able to house larger scanners. "The VICAM mobile OCR represents both convenience and groundbreaking technology," said Rob King, V.P., Sales and Marketing. "At VITRONIC we understand the obstacles facing our customers and it is not always beneficial for them to invest in scan tunnel technology. By combining our renowned scan tunnels technology into a modular device we are able to offer smaller distributors similar results in package identification." About VITRONIC
Headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, VITRONIC Machine Vision, LTD. is an international manufacturer of three-dimensional scanning devices. The company specializes in supplying and developing cutting-edge scanning technologies for the logistics, manufacturing, science, and warehousing industries. VIPAC, the corporation's signature product, is a 3-D machine vision scanner that utilizes a compact, high speed line-scan camera to provide high resolution images of standard and oversized parcels. Among a full complement of vision scanning products, with fully customizable solutions, the VITRONIC team handles 100% of the research, design, development and manufacture of their hardware and software applications. The privately-held company was founded in 1984 by Norbert Stein, Ph.D., and is represented on four continents.

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