Handheld Probe measures low to medium laser power.

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Comet 1K Power Probe measures laser power from 20 W to 1 KW. Users set laser to 10 sec timed exposure, press ready button, and place probe in path of laser beam, where product senses temperature rise and measures it automatically. Specifications include 0.2-20 µm spectral range, ±5% absolute calibration accuracy, and ±1% repeatability for same initial temperature. Unit comes with 2x8 character LCD and swivel mount that rotates ±90°.

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Comet 1K, Hand Held Power Probe Measures Low to Medium Laser Power

Wilmington, MA, July 2004...Ophir Optronics, Inc., leaders in advanced technology for the measurement of laser power, energy, beam profile and wavelength, introduces the new, Comet 1K Power Probe. The Comet 1K is a hand held laser power measurement probe designed to measure low to medium laser power. It is highly accurate, economical and is very easy to use.

The Ophir Comet 1K Power Probe can be used to measure laser power from 20W to 1KW. All that is needed to operate the Comet 1K is for the customer to set their laser to 10 second timed exposure, press the "ready" button, place the probe in the path of the laser beam and the Comet senses the temperature rise and measures automatically. The Comet 1K has a highly sophisticated algorithm to correct for the starting temperature of the puck so you obtain an accurate reading every time.

Additional specifications of the Comet 1K include:; spectral range of 0.2- 20µm; an absolute calibration accuracy of ±5%; repeatability is ±1% for same initial temperature; and linearity with power is ±2% ±1W from 20W to 1KW.

The Comet 1K comes with a swivel mount that rotates ±90 degrees for ease-of-use, and a 2x8 character LCD. The Comet 1K will store the history of the last three readings and is CE approved.

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