Handheld Instrument profiles how light is reflected.

Press Release Summary:

Novo-Gloss I.Q. DOI-Goniophotometer uses reflectance profiles to calculate gloss, haze, and Distinctness Of Image (DOI) values, allowing user to fully evaluate surface finish. By Pressing one button, operators retrieve gloss, Rspec, DOI, and Haze measurements at 20° or 60°. Instrument measures gloss in accordance with ISO 2813 and ASTM D523 standards, haze to ASTM E430 standard, and DOI value from 0-100 to ASTM D5767-A standard.

Original Press Release:

Novo-Gloss IQ - DOI-Goniophotometer

The Novo-Gloss I.Q. is the first hand held instrument to profile how light is reflected from a surface. Traditional glossmeters measure quantitatively and are not sensitive to effects that reduce appearance quality. The Novo-Gloss I.Q. uses reflectance profiles to calculate gloss, haze and DOI values allowing the user to fully evaluate surface finish.

With a single button press the instrument measures gloss, Rspec, DOI and Haze at either 20° or 60°

IQ gloss measurements are fully compatible with existing gloss standards including ISO 2813, ASTM D523. I.Q. Measurement - Gloss Units (GU) at 60° and 20°

Symptoms - High gloss surfaces look milky, flat and have poor reflected contrast.
Causes - Coating incompatibilities, additive migration, polishing or machining marks, weather damage and poor drying/curing.
I.Q. Measurement - Haze or Log Haze units (HU or HULOG) to ASTM E430 standard.

Symptoms - High frequency textures, surface ripples and 'orange peel' distort the reflected image.
Causes - Application and flow issues, reticulation, substrate related problems and poor formulation.
I.Q.Measurement - DOI value (0-100) -a measurement of image forming qualities from ASTM D5767-A.

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