Handheld E1 BER Tester for ITU-T G.821, G.826 and M.2100 Performance Analysis

Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm (www.GAOComm.com) recommends the handheld E1 bit error rate tester specially designed for R&D production, installation and maintenance of SDH, PDH, PCM, and DATA protocol conversion. It is an ideal device for fast problem resolution, E1 PCM line access, maintenance and acceptance testing.

This portable E1 BER tester, model A0040007, features self-check and keyboard testing, extensive error and alarm generation, detection and indication. It conducts clock slip measurement, frequency and level measurement as well as manual and auto-timer measurements. It also boasts full-featured measurements of E1, Datacom and protocol analysis.

This tester provides smart menu navigation and has a large color LCD screen allowing test results to be displayed clearly. Test results can be downloaded or printed via included software. In addition, it has built-in Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and smart charger circuitry (automobile adaptor included) allows for more than 6 hours operation with a single battery charge.

The compact, multi-functional, handheld E1 BER tester belongs to GAO's family of E1 BER Testers. Other featured products in this line include Data Transmission Analyzer and E1/T1 BER Tester which performs error code testing at the rate of 50 b/s to 2048 kb/s and offers online monitoring for routine maintenance, repair and operations monitoring of communication equipment; SDH/PDH Transmission Analyzer used for pulse mask analysis, overhead analysis, point analysis and anomaly/defect analysis as well as bit error rate (BER) testing.

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