Handheld Data Collector takes torque measurements.

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Suited for industrial data collection, statistical process control, and torque audit applications, Model 501 supports entering of characteristic names with up to 50 characters and permits validation checking for Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN). It only accepts VINs with correct number of characters, valid characters, and valid check digit. Unit captures up to 7 discrete peak torque measurements in 1 sec., enough to complete one 360° test rotation.

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ASI DataMyte Releases New Version of 501 Data Collector

Minneapolis, MN, January 23, 2006 - ASI DataMyte, Inc. has released a new version of the popular Model 501 handheld data collector. The 501 has become a factory workhorse for industrial data collection, statistical process control and torque audit applications worldwide.

The latest version of the 501 includes new features designed to expand the range of applications for which the data collector can be used. These new features include:
o Allowance for characteristic names with as many as 50 characters
o Validation checking for Vehicle Identification Numbers
o Dramatically improved torque timing performance

The 501 now allows users to enter characteristic names with up to 50 characters. This feature permits more descriptive characteristic names and improved name matching with customer business systems, where names longer than the previously-allowed 24 characters occur frequently.

In automotive applications, Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs), are frequently scanned or manually entered via the data collector's keypad. The 501 now includes validation checking for VIN numbers. The data collector will accept only VINs that have the correct number of characters, valid characters and a valid check digit. This eliminates key press errors, transposition errors and scanner reading errors.

The 501 has already proven to be the fastest data collection device for taking torque measurements in conjunction with a torque wrench or torque transducer. The new version dramatically increases the speed with which torque measurements are captured, and is able to capture up to seven discrete peak torque measurements within one second. This eliminates situations where some operators could take readings faster than the data collector could respond. It also improves the speed of testing "roll over" or cam-type torque screwdrivers, completing a 360-degree test rotation in about one second.

ASI DataMyte provides total quality solutions for the manufacturing marketplace worldwide with products ranging from quality documentation software to factory floor data collection, analysis and reporting systems. For information on the latest version of the Model 501 Data Collector, or on any ASI DataMyte products and services, visit www.asidatamyte.com or call toll free 800-207-5631.

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