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Wireless, industrial Model MX4 can be submersed in water up to 1 m. Its 22-key keypad is watertight to IP67 and has large backlit keys for gloved-hand operation. Computer utilizes Intel(TM) SA-1110 processor and Windows(TM) CE 3.0 operating system. It is available with integrated heater, pistol-grip handle, and additional battery integrated into handle. MX4 supports long- and short-range scanners, and numerous radios and terminal emulation standards.

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LXE Introduces the MX4, The Most Rugged Wireless Handheld Computer In Its Class

The new compact and ultra-rugged MX4 is designed for maximum durability and ruggedness, both in the warehouse and in the field

LXE Inc., a leading manufacturer of rugged wireless products and solutions that improve the performance of supply-chain execution applications, today announced the introduction of the ultra-rugged MX4 wireless handheld computer. The MX4 may have some of the features of a PDA, but it is much more than a PDA. The MX4 is a true industrial mobile computer that is designed for harsh environments - including water submersion of up to one meter.

The unit's 22-key keypad is watertight (IP67) and has large, high-visibility backlit keys that allow for gloved-hand operation in low-light situations. In addition, the MX4 can be ordered with an integrated heater for use in cold environments; a pistol grip handle for greater long range scanning accuracy; and an additional battery integrated into the handle that doubles the unit's battery life. The MX4 also supports integrated long and short-range scanners, making it not just the most rugged, but also the most accommodating handheld computer in its class

"We developed the MX4, because we saw that many companies were trying consumer PDA products, but were dissatisfied with their high rate of repairs and replacements and the resulting poor return on investment," explains Dick Sorenson, LXE's Director of Product Management. "We know when workers are moving fast, in demanding environments, it's hard to avoid the drops and wear that would destroy most handhelds. We designed the MX4 to be the most rugged product on the market so it would provide years of reliable service. We are extremely happy with how the MX4 performs," adds Sorenson.

The unit's powerful Intel(TM) SA-1110 processor and industry-standard Windows(TM) CE 3.0 operating system ensure a mobile logistics computing solution designed to meet the demands of today's and tomorrow's mobile enterprise. The MX4 supports numerous radios and terminal emulation standards, so it easily integrates with most warehouse management system applications. And, it is JAVA Powered(TM), supporting the latest and most sophisticated Java applications.

As always, the MX4 is supported by LXE's award-winning Customer Support team, winners of the Mobile Star Award(TM) for best customer satisfaction in mobile hardware.

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LXE Inc. has over 30 years of experience developing rugged wireless data collection solutions that improve performance of supply chain execution applications. From wireless computers, barcode scanners, and wireless network infrastructure, to our award winning customer support - LXE's easy-to-use products are as reliable as the people who install and support them. Based in Norcross, Georgia, LXE also offers a full range of turnkey services, including radio integration, project and installation management, network design, technical support, and repair services. LXE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EMS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ELMG), and has offices worldwide. For more information, visit our Website at www.lxe.com.

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